Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Of assignments and holidays

Well its only been the 3rd week of class and it seems that the IAA69s and the 70s seems to be alright, but finding common ground is still in progress.

Assignment wise, group allocations has been chosen by the lecturers, that means that we have a mix of people in our groups. It is a good change I guess.. to know more about our new classmates, see if they can work. I am quite picky on group members. But so far, we haven't encountered any problems or road bumps as of yet.

As of holidays, the Chinese New Year holidays are just around the corner. The first stop for me is on the first day of Chinese New Year, I'll be heading to my Mum's home town in Pahang, Temelor for 3 nights.

It will be my first stop for Ang Pow collection :D

After coming back then I will be heading to my Dad's side of the family's family gathering. SS2, where we have the usual relatives gathering, eating my grandma's popiah, and other Chinese delicacies that my grandma is famous for in our circle of family.

I will be taking some pictures on my travels and feasting for CNY. OH Yea! My family is also making an outstation travel, ust us four, my dad, mum, my brother and I. We haven't had a proper holiday together after our trip to Phuket and Phi Phi Island has been cancelled since Thailand's political controversies and unsettleness makes my parents postpone the trip!

Darn. I miss my friends reunion in Phuket!

Thats all for now I guess. Am in my break for Sales Promotion Lecture . Killing time, Killing time.


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