Friday, January 9, 2009

My 2009 New Year's Resolution

  1. Tame the bulge! - I know I know.. it is probably on everybody's resolution every year, but for me I really should! 

  2. Save money!! - For me I am most of the time an impulse consumer, and sometimes I spend without thinking of the budget I set aside.. so Save MONEY!

  3. To be more confident, focused and know what I want.

  4. Explore more about myself & learn something new. For me,the things that I love to do on my own is cooking and exploring enw recipies and ideas, playing and listening to music, watching movies and my favourite soap-operas 90210, Heroes and Gossip Girls! 

  5. Explore and broaden my music playing genre.

    Most of my friends know that I listen to all kinds of music and always exploring new music to listen to all the time! Yes.. most of you also know that I play the guitar and the violin. I play lots of blues and guitar influence is John Mayer, Incubus and other artist. So, I am going to explore into other music genre's to increase my playing knowledge. I am done with Blues, am going to kick the year of by starting with Rock!  

  6. Get more organized and be more responsible in my life.

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