Thursday, November 29, 2007

FACE BOOK>>>>>>>>> i cant manage 3 jobs

OMG ... due to work n stuff i have been freakin busy busy and i cant even have time to blog... i have time to facebook tho.. lol fast check no essay or diary to write hahah

jk.. ;p

Face book i tell u is so addictive ... especially when there is FIGHTERS CLUB!!! LOL its so fun ,.... i wont even bother to explain what it is .. but i m sure most of u out there will know haha ... when u kena attack!!!

besides face book... i had my 3 jobs rember???
well... i decided... if i get RM 200-300 per assignment ... then y the heck would i need to do the Starbucks job??? LOL i get much more doing the rm 7 / hr... so yea...

this month ending .... i finished 4 assignments... which totalled to RM 1150 (300+300+250+300) debited to my bank account ;p

then the guitar job .. sold 3 guitars... a Fender Joe Strummer Telecaster® a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster® HSS , a Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster®
with 10 % commission which is RM 1000 around there ;p

so this month is rm 2000.. but december i m quiting my assignment job and taking break from the guitar dealer one and go for holiday!!!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

I m A Honey Bee!!!

LOL this is good lol y not u guys get a Daemon too!

a Daemon is a sort of pet thing lol not Demon lol

its frm the golden compass web check it out! n i wan to see urS!

Friday, November 9, 2007

holiday???what Holiday?

Just came back from an outing with angel & ben's cell... lol so happening one ar? treasure hunt in 1U ??? omg... LOL!!! turned out to be fun... unfortunately we couldn't find the last one!! the Stop SIGN!! ... (found out later it was in at Nando's!!! 0_0+)

well holidays... holidays are defined as follows:
  1. bumming
  2. staring straight at a computer, laptop, TV & Cinema screen...
  3. weird sleeping patterns
  4. spending money like running water...
  5. reading books
  6. updating my ipod
  7. catching up lost times with friends!
  8. be more involved in the worship team ^^
  9. helping mum with shopping and driving mum around... >_<"
  10. GETTING A JOB!!!
i did every thing especially no.10 LOL!!!

i m currently still surviving 3 jobs that im doing !!!! LOL

  1. Barista at starbucks - earning 7Rm /hr...
  2. typer (journalist n other people send stuff to me to type for them how fun!! ) - 250-300 RM / assignment)
  3. selling guitars n stuff... lol earn base on commission (5-10%)
Yea so basically during the day i m a barista then at night i m at the com doing the typing and stuff.... then all day i maintain the website and at night make calls from customers on the producst n stuff.. yea..

hehe ... will be tiring ... thinkin of stopping the barista one..

mayb can do 3-4 assignments or more per month instead of wasting time making coffee lol!!!

yea thinkin abt it ....


Wednesday, November 7, 2007


my god.... lol

i did not expect liverpool to trash Basiktas so easily !!! i was like O_O " after crouch scored his 2nd goal of the game which was the last for the game LOL !!!! i was like wow... dude... we got the champion's league record for the most goals scored!!! last time was Lazio againts some other team in 2003 ... 8-3 was the score, but cause they concede it is only 5 lol but we got the record!!! LOL n

LOL basiktas only 3 shots... LOL!!! while liverpool with 30!!!!

lol good to c crouchy start!! LOL got my wish for crouch to start and babel to step up LOL!!! almost hat trick LOL !!!

i was like soo soo laughing my head offf..... really destroyed Basiktas !!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Its D- Day !!

wow... today is the first time in AGES!!! i repeat AGES since i touched a golf club.. or in Asian terms a golf Stick... so unpractical... any ways ... i went to the driving range for 2 hrs before the game at 12:30 p.m at Club Rahman of my home course aside from Saujana. The 2 hrs of practice n warming up was really important as it showed me that i was so out of practice ( 1 year btw...) and i don't think i can match my handicap which is +8. this means that the handicap of Zero.. is 72 which is par for every hole, and for me which is +8 it means (72 + 8 = 80) so therefore it means that i shoot an average of 80 every round that i play...

Aside from that... the practice really gets me back to my swing which helped in the game today... i played with my dad and my dad's colleague. they both played frequently and quite good at their game tho i play better than my dad if i play as regularly ... my dad's handicap is +12 . Today i played around of 85.. this would be a horrible score for me but for my first game since January... i think it would be a good score for now... got another game during the weekend... with a friend visiting from Thailand who are one of my group of 4 friends with whom i used to golf with every weekend twice a week. LOL he will c i m really rusty as he is a friendly rival to me .. with a handicap of +7 ....

after the golf game in the blistering sun.. i came back at around 5 sth.. just in time to get ready for dinner...

so now... its D-Day for Liverpool tonight as we invite Basiktas (Bah-sick-tas ... -.- .. more like bah hum bug !!! from scrooge)

pity the team has been playing like a wounded dog, without Torres, Alonso injured and with Voronin and Kuyt misfiring this season as of late.. Good to c Gerrard back on form the last 3 games...

Gerrard needs to inspire the team

Out of favor peter Crouch... hope he can make a stance for his position in the team.. one day...LOL
Fernando Torres sorely missed...
how u get well soon!

Ryan Babel - has not shown his greatness and speed on the pitch hope he does settle in the team soon....

its make or break for Liverpool


Monday, November 5, 2007

wat a lovely day!

LOL.. as expected today has been quite a day! .. LOL as Joseph and Wing has finished their last exam!! ! Woot! congrats mates! as both finished scribbling the last of their papers me n Wei Shiarn decided to drive to Monash to meet up with Wing and Jo, so that Wing can direct us to his house where we departed for lunch at Wei Shiarn's Restaurant - New Formosa ! lol it was next to Sri Siam lol never knew it was Wei Shiarn's parents' restaurant =.=" .. anyways b4 we departed to the restaurant we went to get our kiwis... the brown furry...thing...the fruit not the birD!!! , lol according to wei shiarn.. we can eat there free if... iff... we got the kiwis! ;p n we did XD!

the food was greaT! i particularly enjoyed the fish and the fried bread... hee taste nice! hehe the steamboat was great as well! lots of different stuff in it... well typical stuff that u will find in a Chinese steamboat.. ;p

after a great meal we went back to wing's place where we talked talked talked lol and decide what we're going to do the next few months of holz! hehe

Then later, me, Angeline, Levi, Ben and Cason were suppose to go as a group to Pasar Malam at SS2 but... Ben decided to stay back to study and Cason unfortunately got in to an accident... hope he is fine had not been able to contact him yet... will do that rite after this blog is done...

So only me Angeline n Levi. We decided to go n eat Asam laksa it wasn't that bad... i normally eat at the other store where the line is always long.. this one ain;t bad... after dinner, we walked around and we did not manage to find anything interesting to look at... since pasar malam has been the same for the last lol more than a decade, so i think its abt time that i felt bored abt it... mayb i did not look at every detail of the other stuff except the food LOL !!!!

Well thats all for now folks !! take my friend test yea? LOL just for fun!!!!


Sunday, November 4, 2007

nothing much to say really today...

LOL... today is another boring day... nothin much to blog abt really...another day of much sleep and less activities...

Tomorrow will be a fun packed day! Calvin and Joseph finally finish their final exam 2mr- Money and Caps..woot finally and we're cebrating by lunching at Wei Shiarn's restaurant .. n we do not have to pay for the meal... but we have to bring Kiwi!!

Not the bird.... the fruit! O.o"

Boring and tiring day today...

Wow... saturday was a busy day... i had to wake up in the early hrs to send my mum to her cell leader's place as they r embarking on a mission trip to the orang asli people... again... since when their cell been so active... LOL after all its the year of venture...

After that i came home n went straight to bed then woke up to blog abt the websites that i have found that r extremely useful for parties and also cell harvesting! XD then it was a really boring day today... time passes by so quick sometimes when its not that fun... then i had to go to church early and pick up Emmanuel from MT, cause we were part of an Esther reenactment where Esther was chosen to be king... for those of u who were ther... LOL u dont have to ask whats my part of the act... LOL !!!!! i seriously was like.... i wouldnt want to lose my manhood in real life... o_O" !

deng!... MU couldn't keep their clean sheet in their 2nd half after Rooney's goal in injury time 1st half... but arsenal deserves the draw as they pushed hard and immobilized Ronaldo, Tevez, Giggs and Rooney... as their defence was solid... MU would need to keep their back line solid as defensive frailties have eluded them again causing careless mistakes in free kicks.

I guess thats the best score for the other teams in the EPl anyways... make both team drop 2 points.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Christmas is near!!!

Hey All! this is a great web site i found which will help us in any cell harvest events!!

especially for my fellow cell leaders!

this web links are for some of the essentials that we should employ to make harvest a successful event!!


how to throw the perfect Christmas party

5 Key ingredients of a successful party

HOw to be the perfect Host

How to introduce people

How to be the perfect guest

how to deal with unexpected guest (always at harvest =.=" )

how to deal with pricky dinner guest

Thursday, November 1, 2007

hehe wat a wonderful time at TGIF hehe....

today 8:13 a.m i woke up with a headache then i went to wash my face then i went back to bed to sleep off the headache... hee I woke up at 10 30 a.m headache FREE!!! >< :" it always works for some unknown reason XD i m practically the only member of my family who has not been hospitalized or seriously sick besides when born hehe... then today i helped my mum with the groceries... =.=" thats the only thing i dunt really enjoy... when hols come along i help out my mum with the grocery shopping... UNLESS! i shop for my ingredients for my cooking! hehe... Tonight was one HecK of a birthday celebration for sister Angeline hehe.... we were so trying to keep it quiet.. but i think Ange secretly know our plan hee... so the venue was at TGIF at One U, i made the bookings as the lady suggested i should as it will be full... rite... full as in 4- 6 tables still open??? I thought that i was late... when i arrived at 7 :16 p,m but lol i was the earliest as Ben n Cason were stuck in a jam especially at KJ on the way to 1U not surprise really as dinner hours are always sardine packed on the LDP. next to arrive were Levi and Angeline (the b'day girl). hehe i had to honour my booking so i went in first lol at 7:30 p.m when Levi and Angeline arrive approx 7:40 p.m we were like lol... those 2 will be late cause of jam and cason even foned levi sayin that they (Cason & Ben) will be there around 30 mins later!! so we decided to walk around awhile hehe window shopping. When Cason n Ben arrived FINALLY!!! we went back to TGIF with grumbling stomachs we placed our order!! All of us ordered the 3 course set meal while Levi had the stea which i originally wanted to order but.. lol the set was much more value added as there was the dessert which was the famous Choc Mud Pie!!! we basically shared our meals to try the different meals instead of indulging ourselves in our own meal hehe... we were constantly giggling and laughing hehe havin a great time and also hehe keepin the birthday secret and also makin Angeline believe that the secret was that one more person was gonna come hehe which was Pst. Julie Khoo hehe ... so funny... which she did say that she was not gonna come ... but we used it as a cover for the actual secret.. shush!!! for those of u who do not know abt TGIF specialty is that when a birthday boy or girl is celebrating a birthday, the crew will come up with some song and jingle and sing to the birthday person! hehe but the slice of cake that they gave for the birthday occasion was a lil disappointingly cause the mudcake was soo soo DEvine and oRgasmic!! they use to give the mudcake pie for the birthday person... so here are some of the picts from tonight!

lol i dun think i was ready for the picture. hehe (clockwise from btm left : Ben, Angeline, Levi, Cason and ME ;p)
Cajun Chicken Salad - mmm

hee... cant rember the name of the fish dish that Cason order but it aint bad ;p

wow.. just looking at the Choc Mud Pie makes me feel so like a glutton O.o" when i m full that is .. Its one of the best desserts i ever had! definitely hits the spot!

The birthday girl!! Happy belated B'Day
(pity the picture was not clear >.<" I need a new Cam!)

Wow... thats the bill for tonight ... obviously the picts here arnt all the food that we had! >< style="text-decoration: underline;">

... i cant finish my choc mud pie! nooooo!! wat a waste.. too much food...

To sum up tonite.. it was a great great meal and we had a good time of fellowship! Amen to that! :p and also a great surprise for Ange! hehe ...we lied and used PJK as an excuse and a way to protect our secret.. but hehe...

am soo tired... cant keep my eyes open hehe thats all for now i guess... hehe

Good Night!!


2 H today!!!! Halloween and HooraH!!

LOL finally !!! Exams r OVER! when its over... hey its that suger ray song

 When it's over,
That's the time I fall in love again.
And when it's over,
That's the time you're in my heart again.
And it never ends.

All the things that I used to say,
All the words that got in the way,
All the things that I used to know,
Have gone out the window.
All the things that she used to bring,
All the songs she used to sing,
All her favorite TV shows,
Have gone out the window.

Suger Ray - When it's over
LOL lo ng time havnt heard the song hehe any ways EXAMS R OVER!!!! (rubbin it in... hehe) omfg treacherous 3.5 hrs of agony and pain for my right hand writing constantly stopping at nothing against time... u can hear constant flippin pages of endless stacks of notes we bring in to the exam hall... tense moments as we have to complete 5 questions... but thk God its all over! we made it! at least... most of us any way lol hey wing look at this pict !!.. lol

cause its


LOL rubbin it in again LOL.....

So fun 4 months of hols am gettin a job as a barista at Star bucks.. u know the coffee makers (Barista) hehe its good pay also.. when i applied for the job they gave me the recipes which i have to like remember how to make various different coffees LOL .... especially during weekends when it will be paced with coffee addicts..

N i rember its Halloween! woot use to go round trick or treating the streets in Bkk since we were stayin at the top floor penthouse in our aptment, we went down to every flr using the staircase and went trick or treat! lol ... then one old man named Dick... said Trick... we were like wtf... LOL then he gave us some candy hehe... first time meeting some one sayin trick instead of treat... LOL !!!!

Happy Holz too all my frens !!!

and happy Halloween!!!