Thursday, November 1, 2007

2 H today!!!! Halloween and HooraH!!

LOL finally !!! Exams r OVER! when its over... hey its that suger ray song

 When it's over,
That's the time I fall in love again.
And when it's over,
That's the time you're in my heart again.
And it never ends.

All the things that I used to say,
All the words that got in the way,
All the things that I used to know,
Have gone out the window.
All the things that she used to bring,
All the songs she used to sing,
All her favorite TV shows,
Have gone out the window.

Suger Ray - When it's over
LOL lo ng time havnt heard the song hehe any ways EXAMS R OVER!!!! (rubbin it in... hehe) omfg treacherous 3.5 hrs of agony and pain for my right hand writing constantly stopping at nothing against time... u can hear constant flippin pages of endless stacks of notes we bring in to the exam hall... tense moments as we have to complete 5 questions... but thk God its all over! we made it! at least... most of us any way lol hey wing look at this pict !!.. lol

cause its


LOL rubbin it in again LOL.....

So fun 4 months of hols am gettin a job as a barista at Star bucks.. u know the coffee makers (Barista) hehe its good pay also.. when i applied for the job they gave me the recipes which i have to like remember how to make various different coffees LOL .... especially during weekends when it will be paced with coffee addicts..

N i rember its Halloween! woot use to go round trick or treating the streets in Bkk since we were stayin at the top floor penthouse in our aptment, we went down to every flr using the staircase and went trick or treat! lol ... then one old man named Dick... said Trick... we were like wtf... LOL then he gave us some candy hehe... first time meeting some one sayin trick instead of treat... LOL !!!!

Happy Holz too all my frens !!!

and happy Halloween!!!

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