Friday, November 9, 2007

holiday???what Holiday?

Just came back from an outing with angel & ben's cell... lol so happening one ar? treasure hunt in 1U ??? omg... LOL!!! turned out to be fun... unfortunately we couldn't find the last one!! the Stop SIGN!! ... (found out later it was in at Nando's!!! 0_0+)

well holidays... holidays are defined as follows:
  1. bumming
  2. staring straight at a computer, laptop, TV & Cinema screen...
  3. weird sleeping patterns
  4. spending money like running water...
  5. reading books
  6. updating my ipod
  7. catching up lost times with friends!
  8. be more involved in the worship team ^^
  9. helping mum with shopping and driving mum around... >_<"
  10. GETTING A JOB!!!
i did every thing especially no.10 LOL!!!

i m currently still surviving 3 jobs that im doing !!!! LOL

  1. Barista at starbucks - earning 7Rm /hr...
  2. typer (journalist n other people send stuff to me to type for them how fun!! ) - 250-300 RM / assignment)
  3. selling guitars n stuff... lol earn base on commission (5-10%)
Yea so basically during the day i m a barista then at night i m at the com doing the typing and stuff.... then all day i maintain the website and at night make calls from customers on the producst n stuff.. yea..

hehe ... will be tiring ... thinkin of stopping the barista one..

mayb can do 3-4 assignments or more per month instead of wasting time making coffee lol!!!

yea thinkin abt it ....


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