Monday, November 5, 2007

wat a lovely day!

LOL.. as expected today has been quite a day! .. LOL as Joseph and Wing has finished their last exam!! ! Woot! congrats mates! as both finished scribbling the last of their papers me n Wei Shiarn decided to drive to Monash to meet up with Wing and Jo, so that Wing can direct us to his house where we departed for lunch at Wei Shiarn's Restaurant - New Formosa ! lol it was next to Sri Siam lol never knew it was Wei Shiarn's parents' restaurant =.=" .. anyways b4 we departed to the restaurant we went to get our kiwis... the brown furry...thing...the fruit not the birD!!! , lol according to wei shiarn.. we can eat there free if... iff... we got the kiwis! ;p n we did XD!

the food was greaT! i particularly enjoyed the fish and the fried bread... hee taste nice! hehe the steamboat was great as well! lots of different stuff in it... well typical stuff that u will find in a Chinese steamboat.. ;p

after a great meal we went back to wing's place where we talked talked talked lol and decide what we're going to do the next few months of holz! hehe

Then later, me, Angeline, Levi, Ben and Cason were suppose to go as a group to Pasar Malam at SS2 but... Ben decided to stay back to study and Cason unfortunately got in to an accident... hope he is fine had not been able to contact him yet... will do that rite after this blog is done...

So only me Angeline n Levi. We decided to go n eat Asam laksa it wasn't that bad... i normally eat at the other store where the line is always long.. this one ain;t bad... after dinner, we walked around and we did not manage to find anything interesting to look at... since pasar malam has been the same for the last lol more than a decade, so i think its abt time that i felt bored abt it... mayb i did not look at every detail of the other stuff except the food LOL !!!!

Well thats all for now folks !! take my friend test yea? LOL just for fun!!!!


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