Thursday, November 1, 2007

hehe wat a wonderful time at TGIF hehe....

today 8:13 a.m i woke up with a headache then i went to wash my face then i went back to bed to sleep off the headache... hee I woke up at 10 30 a.m headache FREE!!! >< :" it always works for some unknown reason XD i m practically the only member of my family who has not been hospitalized or seriously sick besides when born hehe... then today i helped my mum with the groceries... =.=" thats the only thing i dunt really enjoy... when hols come along i help out my mum with the grocery shopping... UNLESS! i shop for my ingredients for my cooking! hehe... Tonight was one HecK of a birthday celebration for sister Angeline hehe.... we were so trying to keep it quiet.. but i think Ange secretly know our plan hee... so the venue was at TGIF at One U, i made the bookings as the lady suggested i should as it will be full... rite... full as in 4- 6 tables still open??? I thought that i was late... when i arrived at 7 :16 p,m but lol i was the earliest as Ben n Cason were stuck in a jam especially at KJ on the way to 1U not surprise really as dinner hours are always sardine packed on the LDP. next to arrive were Levi and Angeline (the b'day girl). hehe i had to honour my booking so i went in first lol at 7:30 p.m when Levi and Angeline arrive approx 7:40 p.m we were like lol... those 2 will be late cause of jam and cason even foned levi sayin that they (Cason & Ben) will be there around 30 mins later!! so we decided to walk around awhile hehe window shopping. When Cason n Ben arrived FINALLY!!! we went back to TGIF with grumbling stomachs we placed our order!! All of us ordered the 3 course set meal while Levi had the stea which i originally wanted to order but.. lol the set was much more value added as there was the dessert which was the famous Choc Mud Pie!!! we basically shared our meals to try the different meals instead of indulging ourselves in our own meal hehe... we were constantly giggling and laughing hehe havin a great time and also hehe keepin the birthday secret and also makin Angeline believe that the secret was that one more person was gonna come hehe which was Pst. Julie Khoo hehe ... so funny... which she did say that she was not gonna come ... but we used it as a cover for the actual secret.. shush!!! for those of u who do not know abt TGIF specialty is that when a birthday boy or girl is celebrating a birthday, the crew will come up with some song and jingle and sing to the birthday person! hehe but the slice of cake that they gave for the birthday occasion was a lil disappointingly cause the mudcake was soo soo DEvine and oRgasmic!! they use to give the mudcake pie for the birthday person... so here are some of the picts from tonight!

lol i dun think i was ready for the picture. hehe (clockwise from btm left : Ben, Angeline, Levi, Cason and ME ;p)
Cajun Chicken Salad - mmm

hee... cant rember the name of the fish dish that Cason order but it aint bad ;p

wow.. just looking at the Choc Mud Pie makes me feel so like a glutton O.o" when i m full that is .. Its one of the best desserts i ever had! definitely hits the spot!

The birthday girl!! Happy belated B'Day
(pity the picture was not clear >.<" I need a new Cam!)

Wow... thats the bill for tonight ... obviously the picts here arnt all the food that we had! >< style="text-decoration: underline;">

... i cant finish my choc mud pie! nooooo!! wat a waste.. too much food...

To sum up tonite.. it was a great great meal and we had a good time of fellowship! Amen to that! :p and also a great surprise for Ange! hehe ...we lied and used PJK as an excuse and a way to protect our secret.. but hehe...

am soo tired... cant keep my eyes open hehe thats all for now i guess... hehe

Good Night!!



Cason said...

everytime i come to ur blog, i hear buddy holly


^^ Walking My Life ^^ said...

LOL its a cool song! hehe vintage lol ... i actually heard the song recently and i was like omg i havnt heard the song in ages~!