Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dad's creation in Apple Pie!

Yea.. so back to what my dad did for Dessert.. he suggested that McDonalds have a new dessert and it is this!
It consist of an Apple Pie from McDonalds served with Dark Chocolate Almond Pecans from Nestle Premium selection with some cereal granola.

Hmm.. It tasted YUMMY! I should have done that with my own Apple Pie... Darn it!

Hmm.. Of Guitars and McD

At 10:45 a.m, you will probably find me still in bed during the holidays, but I got a call that woke me up.. from my bro... saying that we are going to KL for music look-see.

Well as soon as I got off the phone from Jon Koo for confirmation, I straight away got ready. My objective was to go and do 2 things.

  1. To try out the Vox Wah pedal.
  2. To look for the DiMarzio "Chopper" pickup. (in english: a new guitar pickup.)
So as Jon came and picked my bro and I up. I was probably still in sleep mode as I was tryingto study the road to KL so that I can go to the music store in my own time so that I do not have to keep asking Jon to go with me all the time. But I couldn't concentrate got lost as soon as the freeway from Help College onwards. yea.. I know.. but trust me I am no city slicker. You ask me to show you all the nook and crannies in Bangkok I can cause I stayed in the city of Bangkok for 5 years plus.. but I hardly travel to KL do bear withme.. I think I would need a map.

we spent quite a while there.. actually more like 3 hrs plus. I managed to convince my parents to make the quick purchase for the guitarpickup as the music store was having a 25% discount and you don't get too many of that opportuinities coming around. After the music adventures, we all were hungry and headed back to PJ to eat at Ming Tien in Taman Megah and then home.

After Jon dropped us off. I called my parents to see where they were so we waited for them for dinner.

When they came home, my mum wasn't feeling so good. So just my dad and bro went to eat McDonalds.

We didn't eat at Centerpoint McDs, though it was strangely empty than usual that there were hardly anybody dining there! Cause the Centrepoint McD is normally one of the most crowded McD in PJ.

Came home and after we finish eating, Dad decided to eat his Apple pie differently.

You know what.. I do not have my camera with me now.. must be somewhere downstairs..will update to you as soon as I find my camera, on what my dad did for dessert with the Apple PIE!

Monday, December 29, 2008

how was my other days of Christmas?

Well.. Sorry for lack of post.. the reason being was that on boxing day I got the dreaded flu which I was always expecting during the month of December.

Just to let you know.. every December for the pass God knows how many years, I have been catching flu at the end of the year all the time. Basically that's the only time which I get sick as I am quite the healthy fella.

Could it be the change in weather? The dust in my room? From clearing the clot in my room at the end of the year.. I don't know.

It has been a real energy draining weekend for me. Good thing I managed to go to Alice's small birthday celebration with some members of our class... though most of them can't making for a reason or two and I wish them the best during Christmas.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

1st Day of Christmas!

Hey all!
Wow! Has it been a long and busy day!

25th Dec, the day that Jesus was born, the 1st day of Christmas, the first day of presents and the first day of food!

In the morning we went to our Christmas service at 9:30 a.m

Pastor Vincent gave a Christmas sermon.

Lots of people!

Special presentation "Gift of Love"

Worship team led in carols and worship songs!

So as the service ends with some more carols, everybody is either making a rush out of the service to receive a 2009 calendar/ planner, rushing out before the jam congestion at the parking lot or like me and my friends, hang around and chat and ultimately exchange presents!

Mingle, mingle, mingle...

Esther and Sarah both busy giving out gifts!

3 angels??

Grace & myself

Esther, myself & Sarah

John & Esther

yea.. it was fun... haha! I will post the present I got on another post. This post is going to be long enuf!

After the service, my parents dropped my bro and I at One U to do some more Christmas present shopping.. I didn't drive because.... IT WAS SO FREAKIN JAM!!!!

Deng.. good thing we stay so near One Utama!

Well there are just so much stuff going on in One Utama!

Packed restaurant!


Christmas Presentations


I went there earlier as well to collect tickets for the movie, Australia, for the evening. Haha.. I really do NOT feel sorry for these suckers who have to line up!

Haha! Gosh! Good luck to them XD

So after a rest at home we headed back to One U for the movie at 5:30 p.m. GOOD THING, that most of the crowd has left the mall and we managed to find a parking straight away!

Australia was a Freakin' Good movie! I hardly rated a good movie this year and I hardly ever give higher than a 7 in a rating out of 10. but Australia scored 9 out of 10 in my books! Brilliant movie! It was a 3 hour long movie and it is also an oscar winning movie for sure.

The movie is basically set post Second World War in Australia where a british aristocrat inherited a cattle ranch in Australia and face a hard life while at her time there and she also found love!

It is a brilliant movie, I suggest you go watch it with your mates, partners, family, it is great!

After the movie we were feeling hungry, while deciding on where to feast, I was watching a live Jazz performance by Jazza Nova and they played really good renditions of Christmas Carols such as Silent Night, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and other old classic numbers of Christmas.

I must say they were fantastic... They could be better with me on the Electric guitar hehe. Jazz and Blues is my forte!

Ok.. back to today.. .

The singer and Bassist smiled at me for this shot! Lucky-nia ;p

The cool saxophonist doing his solo. Deng.. Saxophones are deng cool instruments

After they finished their performance, we decided to eat at New York, New Yor Deli. Located opposite Cold Storage in the New Wing.

The first thing I noticed about the restaurant, was that the seats of the restaurant was a typical American Diner Style, with the plush seats and the C Shaped seats. Very American feel. Brought back some old memories when I was staying in New York as a kid.

Classic C shaped chairs that you see in Diners and also in movies like 10 things I Hate About You, The OC, 90210, in typical teen movies where you can see them. Another thing that made it very American was that there were Chilli and Tomato sauce tubes on the table. Really American, they are just missing the Pepper & Salt shakers.

Mum wasn't so hungry so she decided to get a soup and share dad's food.

Mum's Pumpkin Patch Soup

Dad's Turkey Bacon Cheese Burger

John's Latino Chicken Chop

My Cheesy Chicken (Half a bird!)

Man! The food was DELICIOUS! It really did bring me back to memory lane as I reminisce on the real authentic American food. It is definitely worth going and you guys will see me there quite often from now on haha.. Though there is a bad thing about New York Deli..

The food service was so slow! We waited about 20 mins for our food! My dad had to complain a few times as it was 9 p.m after dinner hours and there were only a few tables still eating and the food took 30 mins to arrive! That was quite bad.. Good thing that the food tasted great.. that was their saving grace!

Well it is a busy Christmas for my family today. Not the usual stuff that we normally do during this time of the year. But all in all it was a fun Christmas.

Let me leave you drooling over the pictures of the Menu of New York New York Deli. :D