Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day Trip to Melaka: Part 1!

**btw. for this post zoom in on the picture for upclose and original size, as this is a long post haha.

The last time I went to Melaka was on a vacation... When I was barely 5 years old. -.- So not much fond memories about that place so I was pretty excited about the trip. It will technically be the first time I visit Melaka!

The first thing that I noticed when we parked our car when we arrived in Melaka was that they were still using the old method of paying for the public parking! There were no coin machines but this...This my friends is the oldie version of the parking meter where you scrap off the dates and times in which you are using then parking for. Hmm... Quite the Old fashion eh?

After scratching off the relevent stuff on the card like as if I am scratching some lottery game or something, we went for lunch!
It was simple, humble and decent food. Food outside of KL, or can I say PJ, seems to be well obviously cheaper a lil-bit, but in terms of quality. Actually I prefer PJ food haha. some stuff tasted really weird. Like the dipping sauce u see at the bottom left of the picture. It was for the rice, as so I was told by the aunty who served us the food.. It was ok la the food.

After the lunch. We, as in my family, went to Tan Kim Hock Store, I am not sure if it was the original store though, which is Malaysia's proud home grown brand which sells special and tasty condiments and sweets for a long time!

As you can see, the store is filled with towers of the old fashion stuff. (Btw that is my bro on the left.)

As you can see from the pictures above they sell quite a few well reknowned condiments such as the durian paste, the peanut cookie things, Dodol, and Kit-Kat, which I found it really random, that all of a sudden I see an international product in a Chinese sweets store. Hmm...

We didn't buy much in the end though cause the shop was targeted at tourist, hence the high price, even back in PJ some of the condiments are much cheaper!

After that, we got back into our car and drove over to the famous Cendol store that the locals were talking about over there!

The shop was located in a corner lot. Entrance was small but when I entered I saw that it could fit roughly around not mre than 25 people. Hmm its like those hidden secret places where good food can be found. Maybe the locals did not want all the tourist to know, or else no more cendol!

The cendol had sago, coconut milk, red beans, the green things that makes it a chendol and it is served over shaved ice and gula melaka.

My dad and mum, eating the rojak.
They also serve other food as well, like the rojak and the curry noodles. The cendol was pretty nice and refreshing as normally a cendol back in PJ did not consist gula Melaka and also sago, so it was an interesting change and I must say it was really good! On the other hand the rojak was pretty dissapointing, it was really bland and no taste. I didn't try the curry mee cause I have already pretty much full after lunch and just came to ate my cendol as the dessert.

Stay tuned for the next post of Day Trip to Melaka: Part 2, where my family and I explore the famous Christ Church Malaka and the museum!

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jkjj said...

eh that parking system not that old la...singapore still using it in their public car parks..hehehehe...