Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm finally letting it out after 2 years of frustration....

I have to say you have to know when to cross the line, in everything that you do.

For a musician. I notice that there are 2 types of musicians. One who is so theoretically based over feel of the music, and one who feels the music over theories.

I'm the second type. Feel the music. When it comes to music expressions I do that. I look at the lyrics, decipher the meaning and play according to that feel and the emotion which runs through me and my own interpretation of the songs.

I do understand that theories are also important yes, but there is a flaw, a huge one for the fact. One can be so great and theories of music is great, but when you do not have feel, you can't grasp the meaning and emotions that drives through.

I have had enough of people telling what to do, cause I know I am correct in the way I play the music. My brother and another friend of mine had said that when I do not feel the music, I sound quiet, and on my part lose confidence in playing especially in the worship team, I can't worship. Whenever I feel the song, according to my brother, he notice that I strum the guitar like normal using my arms as well, and he can see that I am feeling the song and ultimately grooving and worshiping.

I have this one person, who doesn't know what he is talking about and he gets things wrong. Since the first day that I have been on the worship team, I have been criticized by him. I know that some are correct that I am wrong in my playing or so, but now that I have gotten better at the guitar, and I'm now at the best of my life in playing the guitar, I know when I am right and when I am wrong. This guy just talks crap.. ok? I just want to put it direct as I don't want to talk around the bush.

I do not just voice this out on my own accord and opinion but also others who I do not want to mension the names who have felt the same way, who really can't "tahan"(can't take it anymore). I have even tested him on occasions and so have another friend of mine, both are on the worship team and others also who have felt the difficulty working with this person, and has proven so that he doesn't know what he is talking about. I guess its his ego and he is too smart for himself. That is his downfall.

I really can't take it anymore. How on earth am I suppose to excel in my music abilities? If I am wrong all the time, then might as well I do not play the guitar anymore.

Do you know that it really hurts my morale, confidence in playing the guitar? Imagine you got the feel and you know it is 110% right and to be bombarded and say that it is wrong? He keeps saying that he follows the drum beat. Hello? I do as well ok? If Not HOW DO I GET THE GROOVE AND FEEL OF THE MUSIC!

Jon Koo even knows that when I'm not confident that my playing becomes "shy" and not what I would normally play.

Sometimes I feel that I want to put in a request to not put me in the same worship team as that fella or even to leave the worship team.

Somebody help me...



Jon said...

There comes a point in a musicians life where you have to realise that there will always be good and bad critics. It comes with the love of music.

People who constantly give you a bad time about how you play can either tear you down or push you to excel.

Take each criticism with a pinch of salt. Take whatever you need to help you in improving yourself. If the rest does not apply to you then let it fall to the ground.

You play to the level you can. You are accountable to God to grow your talents.

Sometimes it's good for the constant thorn in the flesh. It keeps us humble. :)

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. what's the worse that could happen to your playing after being criticised? Better it come from him than from outside where it's worse ;)

Keep your head high. I keep telling you that you have improved. So keep practising and being opened to correction. You will go further than some people who think they are smarter.

DannyBoy said...

Thanks Jon for always having confidence in me. Your words of advice has definitely helped me. I will definitely keep going on and practicing, and be the best I can.

Thanks again as I can always rely on your wise counsel.