Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Short live rest. / The Gift of Prosperity in Christmas?

Finished the marketing management today. Thank God it was ok. slightly easier than I thought it would be. Now I 've got a short lived rest 2mr before the FINAL paper on Thursday, Thank God for that as well.. I think it's the hardest paper of all the others I have taken. Marketing Communications Research. That's going to be one long paper.

Sorry the picture was blur.

Yea.. here was my burger. The Beef Prosperity Burger. Hmm... It didn't taste as good as the last time I ate it. Quoting my mum ' it was not as savoury and pepperish' as the last time we had that during CNY earlier this year.

Seriously the price shocked me. For the set meal with the curly fries and ur Sprite with Minute-maid orange juice cost at RM 13 according to my mum. Then the ala carte, just for the burger, it cost RM 8. I was like ( -.-") ... 8 Ringgit? gosh it was just slightly bigger than my Apple pie!If my mum had called me to tell me it cost so much, I would have gotten my old favourite classic Big Mac Set only like RM 9!

What shocked me was that Liang ate the full set including the McFlurry ice-cream and not just the Beef Prosperity, but Double Prosperity Beef patties and it cost RM18.

I think McD just set their new record for the most expensive meal!

You can buy other great food for RM8 and I have to say the Beef Prosperity was not worth the money.


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