Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hehe how fun!

U know.... the fun thing about signing up for anything or joining any tournaments and whatnots.. is FREEBIES!!!!

hehe cause i was one of 10 people who signed up for IACT... i got a free Digital Camera.. its a Olympus FE-280!! AWESOME!! i m too lazy to put in the spec details but my Canon 40D is so much better :D

so.. haha i m using this cam for compact purposes... hehe Birthday parties.. etc... not so important event so i dont have to bring the other one!!

So far after testing it out... its a decent camera i would say... good for close ups, scene and portrait pictures... good for beginners i would say.. ( i m an amateur at photography... lol... aspiring to be a pro!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New place, new people, new environment, new experience.......

Hey guys,

last week has been a really hectic week and it will be the same, if not more, for this week. Been having to do all the home chores since my mom's operation as she wont be able to cook, pay bills and stuff, do the chores and her normal routines and unable to go to church and cell... but she is recovering well and fast and doc said she will be able to continue with her life by next week.

Today will be my first day of class at IACT, classes here are longer compared to Monash. Lecture and tutorial durations, 3 hrs each. The courses here are almost like CIMP, a very coursework based program... duh .. advertising is abt building portfolios =.=" . sorts of suits my style really... i m a very assignment based fella, but yes.. i have to say... exams are also important... basically a way for institutes, colleges and unis to see whether u learned anything from ur studies...

am planning to visit some friends in Monash again.... just to catch up


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I m enjoying the Biyang experience!

Hey guys!

i got a new guitar pedal again a Tube Screamer this time! ! and what a buy it is! To tell u the background of this type of pedal, Maxon and Ibanez (both Japanese companies) TS9 and other TS (Tube Screamer) series, have used a JRC4558D legendary chip which has made Maxon and Ibanez most sought out for as they r the original makers and creators of the chip and the pedal, which other companies has tried to copy to try to get as close as possible to the original sound of The Maxon Ts 808, Ts9 and the TS9DX. Now those pedals are rare to find especially the TS 808 as it is the first original Tube Screamer in the world, r discontinued but Ibanez and Maxon has created a reissue due to popular demand... and the prices for them can range from RM 400 to 500 as they make limited copies..

A tube screamer is slightly different from a distortion pedal,
a Tube Screamer is an overdrive/distortion pedal that is mild compared to many, but allows the true sound of the guitar and player's technique to come through. The most popular use of a tube screamer is to push a tube amp to make it overdrive more.

E.g Santana's sound is a tube screamer, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer and so on!

I had a Ibanez TS9 DX, i sold it cause i could get more money off it haha, i sold it for RM 470 making a profit of RM 70 !

I have no regrets cause i got a new pedal which uses the exact same JRC4558D chip, used in the Ibanez and Maxon pedals!

Its the Biyang OD-7 !

Here's mine!

I got this picture with the JRC4558D chip made in Japan from Maxon in the Biyang OD-7 i got this pict here.

Biyang is a new up and coming Boutique guitar effects and amp makers based in Korea.

and i only got it for>>>>>. RM 179!!!! well, the reason i got it for that price cause a dealer in KL has decided to introduce it in to malaysia so RM179 is the introductory price till end of this week, after that the price will be at around RM 300 to RM 400,

I compared the sounds from a Ibanez TS 9 and a TS 808 which i borrowed from a friend in order to compare the sounds, and guess what?? it sounds the same! thats when i decided to make the purchase asap cause its still on the promo price! ( its only expensive cause of the chip thats y its going to be around RM 300 to 400) i got it from this store here

there were a lot of good reviews on it online as well as the sound for the Biyang OD-7 being identical to the originals.. duh.. they use the same chip!

Biyang also has a bunch of other pedals as well... haven't heard them yet or seen the reviews, as the most hype for this brand was for their OD -7.

With my new Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Humbucker (Black pick up on my Aria strat guitar.... which the Pearly Gates gives me the smooth Texas blues-rock tone. )

My old pickup next to the Pearly gates Box..

and the Biyang OD-7, and with the rest of my pedal board (picture to come out soon, as soon as my friends RETURN them to me!!! ), i almost have my full guitar gear set! what i'm lacking is a good amp! as now i have 2 guitars to play with, my aria strat and my Aria, Gretch Falcon copy with 2 Humbuckers, i have to hunt for my amp!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Freak Accident?? or the driver has a big grudge againts Barisan... figure out for urself?

After my church band practice last nite... around 11:30 p.m.. on the way back home... not sure whats that road called... its the main road opposite the Pizza HUT in TTDI, coming down from the highwaay from Easten Hotel.... a Vios with a Sabah no.plate. got into a "SELF INFLICTED" accident...

i was like =.=" . According to bystanders standing there... There were no other cars involved and also good thing... nobody was hurt... there was the male driver, a lady and a kid.. soi presume its a family...

Here r the picts taken from my friends fone..

So... what do u think??

Freak accident? OR driver got something againts BSN ...??? U decide....XD

If its a freak accident.... i would say... this driver must be clocking at least 120 km/hr down the slope.. and he was probably trying to cut another car, probably driving fast as well... So, this guy probly got cut off himself... and hit the side curb... and he couldn't control his car on high speed and somehow... landed as shown in the picts...

If he got something against this political party... well.. since there is an ballad voting this weekend all around malaysia.. lets just say... i let ur bias minds (meaning the side we r voting for...) think abt it politically XD....


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Honor to serve!! / which laptop??

i m on worship team again!! tis an honour to serve the Lord and together as a worship team we help to usher the presence of the Holy Spirit to rain down on us!

Awesome... i got a v.v. good feeling abt this week's service!!! but let us continue to pray and prepare our hearts for the service and to cell this friday!!!

for me... i like worship leaders like David... who sends out the mails early even tho there will be constant updates. But nonetheless, it gives me the opportunity to practice very hard and so i can focus on worshiping the Lord while playing the E. Guitar!!!

Since the beginning of the year, i have been on a shopping hunt for a laptop. Not just any laptop, but a lap top that allows me to do the basics i.e accessing office softwares, internet, music etc, but also for my Advertising course as i will be required to use a few high powered softwares which include, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Dreamweaver, Photoshop... basically softwares that require not just lots of space but a high graphic card and stability so that the computer wont like.. hang or stuff.

After looking at a few of my choices... i have decided and made my decision that...

  • Dell is actually not cheap considering the price does not include some necessary stuff that will add up to around RM 4000 from RM2699
  • MacbookPro is the ideal laptop for my use.. but the price is RM7999.... ridiculous.
  • Macbook.... from friends recommendations and advice....Macs r reliable, does not hang and should be competible for my use.. further more... it has 2 OS systems... the Mac Leopard and i can have the option to switch to the Windows OS... Awesome...
Therefore, since the mac is around RM 4K to 4,5K... i have decided to get a Mac book... sufficient enough for my use..

but.. the last hurdle is through my parents >.<"


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Broken - Easter Drama on 21st & 22nd March 08

Hey fellow bloggers!!! how have u guys been??

My church is holding a really awesome easter production called Broken!

Looking at all the effort put into the production it looks like all of us r in for a TREAT~!

here are the cool links available for u to check out more abt BROKEN!

Broken Synopsis

Broken Trailer ---- WE R ON YOU TUBE!

Watched the trailer?? Awesome rite??

Do make a date on ur planners for this awesome event!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Things changes...

As some of u might already know...that i have left monash university which was a tough and painful choice for me...

To clarify things up... I was in monash last year... doing bach of business. i did not know what i wanted to do for my future career, but i took my dad's suggestion that mayb i should go to business as its a versatile course. Looking back at it now, i guess i should not have rushed into things too quickly. After the 2nd sem in Monash, i decided that its time to call it quits, as Business is totally not for me. Of course i have had advice from my leaders on what options should i take it was a long and hard option to decided to withdraw from monash as i would have wasted the whole of 2007 and also the tuition fees that my parents paid, RM 25 K plus i think, for education per year in Monash.

After much thought, i spoke to my parents and i told them that i decided to withdraw from Monash as they have also spoken to be before that i have never did so badly before till now, which kind of gave them a hell out of a shock and i m sure i made them worry abt me everyday, especially during the exam periods.

But i m glad my parents understands me, they agreed about the withdrawal from Monash.

For the pass few months from Nov till Feb, i had to think abt what i really wanted to do for my career. Since high school in Bangkok, i have always wanted to do advertising.

In high school i was part of the Student council commitee for the whole of Secondary (from Yr 7 to yr 13) and i was part of the Events and Media group. So, i really enjoyed doing the designs for the posters, billboards, and marketing the product or the events taht were coming up....

but when we came back to malaysia in Aug 05, we were not able to find a college that has Advertising as it was not a popular choice in malaysia, unlike business, engineering, bio chem, medicine, mass com( which was a new thing then). thats y i went to do my Onterio Diploma in Sunway College.

It was quite an eye opener when i went to scout around colleges the pass few months, when we went to KDu to inquire about their Mass Com, they did not have advertising but more to the Journalism, broadcasting side of Mass Com.

Then one of the ladies at KDU said that a good place to go for Advertising is IACT, which is Institute of Advertising Communications Training located in Damansara Utama.

I have never heard of this place, neither have most people, as i was told. But IACT offers professional specialized courses in Advertising, Graphics Designing and Mass Communications.

After i went to IACT to inquire about their courses and what they have to offer for me, the marketing lady at IACT suggested that i went to the other 2 competitors which were Lim Kok Wing and One Acadamy to have a good comparison of what each have to offer.

A few days after that, my dad took leave on that day to go to visit One Academy to have a look at what they have to offer.

We met up with this guy and he detailed us with what ONE Academy has to offer.

When we asked him about IACT, he straight away told us that IACT is the best for Advertising Communications, but for Graphics Designing, One Acadamy is better... as he has friends who have graduated from IACT as well who has high regards for it.

To cut this post short so that i don't have to bore u even more, i went to a few other colleges which offers advertising, and i have decided that IACT is the best option for me because of how colleges themselves also say that IACT is the best college.

further more, IACT lecturers are all part timers as they r still working in the Advertising Industry themselves, so it is an added advantage as students in IACT would get first hand knowledge from the lecturers and also a better learning experience in work related fields to the Advertising Industry.

So i have enrolled in to Diploma in Advertising / Marketing Communications in IACT where i will get 2 Diplomas, one from The International Advertising Association and The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia.

This is a 2 and a half years Diploma course which includes internship as well (Half Year) . The after the 2 and a half years i will be going to RMIT for a year to get my degree

If u want to know more about IACT u can go to:

About IACT

I want to thank my advisers in guiding me and supporting me in my decisions and ur prayers which have helped me go through this rough patch in my life.... and for fellow bloggers out there, keep me in ur prayers as i continue to seek confidence and guidance and to overcome tough patches in my life and continue where i have left off in my educational journey.

Daniel New