Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New place, new people, new environment, new experience.......

Hey guys,

last week has been a really hectic week and it will be the same, if not more, for this week. Been having to do all the home chores since my mom's operation as she wont be able to cook, pay bills and stuff, do the chores and her normal routines and unable to go to church and cell... but she is recovering well and fast and doc said she will be able to continue with her life by next week.

Today will be my first day of class at IACT, classes here are longer compared to Monash. Lecture and tutorial durations, 3 hrs each. The courses here are almost like CIMP, a very coursework based program... duh .. advertising is abt building portfolios =.=" . sorts of suits my style really... i m a very assignment based fella, but yes.. i have to say... exams are also important... basically a way for institutes, colleges and unis to see whether u learned anything from ur studies...

am planning to visit some friends in Monash again.... just to catch up


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