Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gosh... finally another one done... I FEEL SO ALIVE!

pass few days studying like my exam like ther is no tomorrow... today was D-Day... Me... againts... MY ADVERTISING PAPER! ... and guess what!... after rumbling in the student lounge with my classmates... all of us freaked out... pulling our hairs out.. crunching our note.... with our blood shot eyes showing signs of deprived of closing and sleep .. ok.. not ath bad la... we were freaking out... like ask questions and we cant answer it... the common stuff like :




CHAR KUAH TEOW, Kari JAP! - Randomness from Sherman... as usuall with his Char Kueh Teow...

MCB!!! ... Sherman again...





(SEX) using the F word...

This (action when lickin a lollipop)!!

Yea... them.. curses, talking abt each others mum and char Kuih Teow... and Kari Jap...all the gibberish came out in diff languages...

I just stood and watched and laughted hah!

I dunno what to say..

bfore we knew it we went straight to Room 1 for the exam... it was easier Than i thought!

mayb cuase i took Ms. Jo's clue that we should study what we spent the most time in classes... turns out that i took a good gamble to hold her word to it!

out of 5 essays we have to write.. 4 of the topics i knew well enuf haha! and the 5th essay got stuck for a while but then managed to remember... !!!

finished the exam 20 mins earlier...

my hand was like aching like crap...
my Pan Mee... my right hand holding me chopsticks was shaking like crap... as if i saw a ghost or something...

post exam stress.. was blure today counting money to pay for drinks and food....

... Celebrated Case's bday today ...Happy Bday dude! hope u like the Cupcakes from Esther, Jon Koo, Sarah, Levi, Ben, my bro, me.. yea..haha have fun on friday with ur cell!

Neways... need to focus on CG!!! PRay Low will approve!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Down ... 2 exams, 1 presentation, 1 debate to go....

Got out of my exam an hr ago... 9.05 a.m to 11.05 a.m... but i finished half an hr earlier...

exam structure was this:

Part A: Comprehension

Part B: Tenses - Sentence Construction

Part C: Conditionals

Part D: Comparitives & Superlatives

Part E: count and non-count nouns

Part F: Essay Question

Deng it! i should have asked for my exemption ages ago! ... The exam was a waste of my time.. no offence but the CIMP English one was more challenging... this exam to me was like high school stuff! TMY was rite i should get exemption! I will Aim to get exemption for the other Comm English Class next semester... sicne this sem i forgot..-.-"

Anyways... I should score well for this... in away if i do really well... my GPA Score can go higher... lol work to my advantage mayb??

Anyways hannging round in college for a bit... group revision for 2mrs Advertising exam! Ssssssoooooo .. much to study.... cramping mostof what i have learnt in the 13 weeks of study!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Steven Gerrard Graduates!!! Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo! Stevie G Graduates from John Moores University and also became an honorary Fellow of Liverpool John Moores University,

Watch the vid and read more here!


Friday, July 25, 2008

ARGH!! Friday!

Let me tell u this.. normally every normal week, i will be so looking forward to fridays...i will joy and anticipation of being able to sleep, relax, rest, go to cell, church, yea... all the fun stuff on the weekends... but nosiry! Not this FRIDAY!

Today, i had to wake up EARLY in d MORNING! with my dad taking leave to hit the golf course, he dropped me off at college at 845 a.m in d freakin morning after eating Roti Telur Bawang with my hot hot teh panas!

I spent d whole freakin morn working on my Graphics final assignment till Chloe finish her SC meeting at noon. I was busy cropping, masking working on 3 freakin images! i tell u i should have chosen another theme.... stuff with solid images! I also spent some quality time working on creating the pile up effect that Mr. Low wants us to do.. if i were to describe to u what my pile looks like... it its like a flat ant hill! it is suppose to be some tall leaning tower of pisa like thingymagig..

yea.. went to get his approval today... he said: " ok progress... nice... but ur still very slow..." -.-" deng ... still wondering why i was so darn happy when i thought of carnival, fun fair theme..!! *Bang Head on Wall! *

Gosh... Advertising exam... forgot to get past paper from Su... crap!

but ..

dont think i'll even touch it in the first place... since too busy working on CG...

anyways... u'll hear me progress soon... back to sipping hot milo and Photoshopping


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Postponed... for good or bad?

My gosh... today me n liz went to see miss Su at noon, we told her abt our debate situation and in away... thk God its postponed to next thursday...

I guess itsgood and fair for all the group members... at the same time, next week is our exams... so it so happens to be in btwn my exams... My God... helpme... in away it puts us at ease... but at the same time... i've got my CG final assignment due on Friday..

Pray that God will give me more time!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


OMG! Let me tell exams are next week, my CG assignment is due next Friday and tomorrow i got a debate, and some more, i have 2 group member who cant come 2mr !

Now.. i m not blaming anybody here... Alvina will be in Penang till tomorrow night i think... and Cynthia is having food poisoning! God are u serious??? Is this some kind of test! The debate requires A first speaker, 2nd which is me... and third which is either Cynthia or Alvina and they cant make it... again Cynthia and Alvina i m not blaming u guys... Gosh! its just WRONG TIMING!!!!I really dont know what to do... i have my CG assignment only 40% done... and i got less than a week! and 2mr's debate is pretty important to our scores... OMG!!!

I am already filled up to the brim... what am i to do... God Give me Time!!!!


p.s i really hate that new Jesse McCartny song...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy B'lated B'Day Manda!!

Woo HOO! what a party for 21 years old Amanda Quah!!! My gosh she is like a big sis to me lol! and a darn happy one as well!

Wow not to say i was not impressed with the party... cause knowing Manda.. i told Su- Lyn and John Low that i imagined her having a grand entrance into the ball room dressed all gungho, and on a high grand chair with 6 muscular men carrying her on it..

LOL! I really thought it was gonna be like that.. but when we came into the reception, we saw here dressed all beautifully in her nice dress, really nice hair do, makeup, and i especially like her white healed shoes... classy, elegance, and soo amanda!

There was around 100 friends and family around at the Holiday Villa Glen Marie and the food was fab!

Roasted Lamb
Spaghetti Cabonara (it was like diluted and even the cream of mushroom soup was thicker than the cabonara sauce!)
Lemon Sesame BBq Chicken
Salad assorments, White and Dark Chocolate mousse with choc chip chiplets
Bread Pudding
Some Chocolate Squared cake thing with condensed milk
Mango Pudding

yea.. those were the highlighted food ... but it was awesome buffet style dinner...

tho itis suppose to be a 21st birthday celebration...looks like it was a typical malaysian wedding dinner reception. LOL!

Even the cake was triple tiered! it was such a beautiful cake! it had butterflies on it and it was custom made and designed! Wow! Coolness! Manda was definitely having such a blast for certain! Even when given the mike twice, she was speechless! HAHA wat an awesome experience...

Liang, Yiki, Daniel Liew, Hwee Yen and Eluth did a jazzed up version of Happy Birthday for Manda! haha it was on prompt2 and it was awesome haha!

I had got d chance for using Daniel's SLR Sony Camera! let me tell u guys... Sony is the best! haha Canon is just super overrated! Hearing from the professional himself... Sony is one of his best choices haha! and i agree after getting the chance to play around it during the event...

Amanda... I had such a great time and i m sure i speak for every1 that ur dinner was aa typical dream like event, that for someone poor like me could only ever dream off in my dreams ... :P

Happy B'Lated 21st B"day... Big Gurl di lor... ok la i say lady :D

Dont get a Credit Card! lol!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

there is a first for evrything

WOO HOO!! let me proudly stand here before u and tell u, that for the first time in my life... i have finished an assignment early!!!

I have this Communications English assignment where we are suppose to do make our very own magazine! Gosh! it was super uber lots of work, but at the same time it was so so fun! We as a group of 5 (Cynthia, Ken, Susanna, Winnie and myself) were contemplating on what genre of magazine we should do. an obvious big topic is choosing fashion, teen mags and holiday mags. But we decided to opt for... a music magazine! So basically a music mag for music album reviews, fresh faces, feature artist, how to care for your instruments, instrument and equipment reviews, up n coming events, contest to win stuff basically everytin that you see in a typical music magazine... :D

We told ourselves that we want to aim to finish earlier than the other group as we dont want to join the other groups in lining up on Monday at the print place for the magazine pressuring and panicking our pants off to hand up our magazine fresh off the print by 5 p.m in the evening! Therefore, we rushed the assignment, each person writing 3 articles each in 2-3 days and get it edited and checked for spellings error in facts, then getthe layout of each and every page done, compile it and this was all done by friday and on saturday..(Yesterday) we met in starbucks near of college just to go throught the whole article to makesure everything is in order and in right shape!

Let me tell u guys this... it feels really really good! like u suddenly feel lighter, rejuvenated and also such a big relief that it is just THREE more assignments left! And i had a really good, relaxing and comfortable sleep last nite which i have been deprived off for a very very long time..!!!!


Monday, July 14, 2008


as usual... i came to college today early... meaning... at 8 a.m in the morning to make use of the free wifi provided by my college....

To my horror.... The wifi did not work!!!! OMG!!! some more i do not have class till noon... 4 hrs before class starts... haiz... good thing i used the time to work on my CG assignment... anyways back to class then! ... lol .... am now in an advertising class... and i m stealing wifi from a nearby company.. its unsecured so... lol free! if the company really wants to stop their wifi from being leakedtheny shold have put a password... HAHA!! So i am not stealing! WAHHAHAH!!!

DannyBoy :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

Chillaxing @ home... ahh iced lemon tea....

wow... finally got sometime to chill and drink some freshly brewed iced lemon tea!

its been a long time since i have written a normal post!

well... been a few days la.. last few days have been pretty busy for me... having meetings... last presentation for Advertising... ups and downs for unforeseen events... i m proud of Liz for being so strong in the midst of a storm when her mum past away from lung cancer on Monday... and for Shearn... man thank God u were not hurt from the robbery yesterday... the robbers pretty stupid tho...

Shearn: please dont take my laptop... i have my homework in there....

robber: okok...

-.-" LOLS!!! wtFreaking!? if i were them, i would take it anyways... and those of u who do not know Shearn... Victoria Uni is having holidays... haha... so much for homework! Good think they didnt take ur laptop... they took his phone (Rm 1.5k) wallet and RM600 and jewelery from ransacking the house

Today was the first time ever in the sem to have a class on friday... 2day is just a tutorial in the morn so that we can consult our CG lecturer on our final designs and also time to really sit down and focus on working on our designs without any distractions for 3hrs... with some soothing music in the background of Chloe's laptop.

After class, went out with Jaq to 1U.. first time going out with her so i get a chance to find out more about her fashion styles and what she usually shops for... well i m cool with it! ShopPing is FuN! Jaq was saying that she hardly shops with guys cause they normally wait for her outside the shop...

well... most guys does that to girls anyways... bored stiff with shopaholics... for me one of my hobbies is SHOPPING! (believe it or not! :D ) Got to spend some time to get to know Jaq better.. i got 3 Ts from Studio 78 ... RM 50 for 3 !!!

Jaq got a Seed buttoned down Shirt and a pair of wedge heeled shoes from Vincci for only RM 30!! Deng... every time i teman gurls for shoe shopping... I'm always envying how cheap woman's shoes can be compared to men's shoes! ok la... Jimmy Chew's an exception ...

For after getting our goods. we treated ourselves with Starbuck's Green Tea Frapp and Mocha Frapp. haha every time i go to Starbucks i'll always chose a mocha frapp if i do not know what drink to order...

We walked, talked, and went into every shop we wanted to go into...

Jaq was eying 3 bags that she wanna get for college use... one was from Studio 78... some unknown brand cost around RM 72 after discount... 2 Nike bags cost RM 149 and RM 159..

the RM72 one wasnt bad.. trendy, lightweight, looks cool, black and looks like a decent bag for college students, but the thing is .. it does not have a hard base, so when you put books it will sag in middle... and cause the material is thin... it might not last long as it could tear... The other 2 cost twice as much.. but of course.. the quality is good and it will not wear and tear too fast... summore it looks great and trendy..! we were walking around contemplating which bag to buy.. so we decided to think abt it...

i m kinda surprised that i managed to convince a girl to think abt it before buying.. lol normally they would simply choose one and then regret or ... they get all so that they wont regret later ... -.-"

Still got shopping to do though... heard today that we r not allowed jeans of all kinds for prom... so gotta get a nice pair of slacks then... I kinda want to wear my Zara Beige Jacket, with my white buttoned Padini T, my G2000 Blu jeans and my pair of adidas superstars.. oh well... i guess i will be looking formal after all....

Gotta replan my prom wear!!!!

DannyBoy :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What Condiment are you? Quiz!

You Are Salsa

You are an extremely outgoing and vivacious person.

You are quite tolerant and open minded. You rather accept people than judge them.

Adventurous and unpredictable, you have the reputation of a daredevil.

Your taste in food leans toward very spicy and exotic dishes.

Whether it's thai food or an extra spicy mexican meal, you're into the hot flavors.

You get along with hot sauce personalities. Everyone else, not so much.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Long day... time to remember...Lizzie... my condolences to u....

Gosh! Cell last week was not just any other week in cell! We had 8 people! And we had a welcome back surprise as Li Yenn came back from Edinbrough! (Apparently, she has been back since last Monday -.-) didn’t know about it till Dionne told me last Thursday. Hmm… seems like she is trying to pull a surprise on the current cell leader of Campus Town! Lols…. I think we can just say we r glad that she is back home!

Today has been a busy day… I m now here sitting in my college foyer…. With 2 other friends of mine … chillaxing after a long day…

Had to go to college at 9 in the morn.. not for class.. but for group meeting.. last min rush for the 12 noon presentation.

Lizzie… my condolences to you… I understand what ur going through… it is painful.. it is a shock … for me… death of 3 friends from Jan this month… it’s a hard and painful time… but how I managed to get on with life is to remember the fun I had with my friends and also that they have gone to a better place.

Lizzie be strong… that’s how I got pass… If u need someone to talk to … let me know k? call anytime u want to chat… Im sure ur mum is in a better place.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Slow Dancing in a Burning room....

It's not a silly little moment,
It's not the storm before the calm.
This is the deep and dying breath of,
This love that we've been working on.

Can't seem to hold you like I want to,
So I can feel you in my arms.
Nobody's gonna come and save you,
We pulled too many false alarms.

We're going down and you can see it too.
We're going down and you know that we're doomed.
My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.

I was the one you always dreamed of,
You were the one I tried to draw.
How dare you say it's nothing to me,
Baby you're the only light I ever saw.

I'll make the most of all the saddness.
You be a bitch because you can.
You'll try to hit me just to hurt me,
So you leave me feeling dirty cause you can't understand.

We're going down
And you can see it too
We're going down
And you know that we're doomed.

My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.

Go cry about it
why don't you?

Go cry about it
why don't you?

Go cry about it
why don't you?

My dear, we're slow dancing in a burning room.

Don't you think we ought to know by now?
Don't you think we should've learned somehow?

John Mayer