Friday, July 25, 2008

ARGH!! Friday!

Let me tell u this.. normally every normal week, i will be so looking forward to fridays...i will joy and anticipation of being able to sleep, relax, rest, go to cell, church, yea... all the fun stuff on the weekends... but nosiry! Not this FRIDAY!

Today, i had to wake up EARLY in d MORNING! with my dad taking leave to hit the golf course, he dropped me off at college at 845 a.m in d freakin morning after eating Roti Telur Bawang with my hot hot teh panas!

I spent d whole freakin morn working on my Graphics final assignment till Chloe finish her SC meeting at noon. I was busy cropping, masking working on 3 freakin images! i tell u i should have chosen another theme.... stuff with solid images! I also spent some quality time working on creating the pile up effect that Mr. Low wants us to do.. if i were to describe to u what my pile looks like... it its like a flat ant hill! it is suppose to be some tall leaning tower of pisa like thingymagig..

yea.. went to get his approval today... he said: " ok progress... nice... but ur still very slow..." -.-" deng ... still wondering why i was so darn happy when i thought of carnival, fun fair theme..!! *Bang Head on Wall! *

Gosh... Advertising exam... forgot to get past paper from Su... crap!

but ..

dont think i'll even touch it in the first place... since too busy working on CG...

anyways... u'll hear me progress soon... back to sipping hot milo and Photoshopping


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