Sunday, July 20, 2008

there is a first for evrything

WOO HOO!! let me proudly stand here before u and tell u, that for the first time in my life... i have finished an assignment early!!!

I have this Communications English assignment where we are suppose to do make our very own magazine! Gosh! it was super uber lots of work, but at the same time it was so so fun! We as a group of 5 (Cynthia, Ken, Susanna, Winnie and myself) were contemplating on what genre of magazine we should do. an obvious big topic is choosing fashion, teen mags and holiday mags. But we decided to opt for... a music magazine! So basically a music mag for music album reviews, fresh faces, feature artist, how to care for your instruments, instrument and equipment reviews, up n coming events, contest to win stuff basically everytin that you see in a typical music magazine... :D

We told ourselves that we want to aim to finish earlier than the other group as we dont want to join the other groups in lining up on Monday at the print place for the magazine pressuring and panicking our pants off to hand up our magazine fresh off the print by 5 p.m in the evening! Therefore, we rushed the assignment, each person writing 3 articles each in 2-3 days and get it edited and checked for spellings error in facts, then getthe layout of each and every page done, compile it and this was all done by friday and on saturday..(Yesterday) we met in starbucks near of college just to go throught the whole article to makesure everything is in order and in right shape!

Let me tell u guys this... it feels really really good! like u suddenly feel lighter, rejuvenated and also such a big relief that it is just THREE more assignments left! And i had a really good, relaxing and comfortable sleep last nite which i have been deprived off for a very very long time..!!!!


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