Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Down ... 2 exams, 1 presentation, 1 debate to go....

Got out of my exam an hr ago... 9.05 a.m to 11.05 a.m... but i finished half an hr earlier...

exam structure was this:

Part A: Comprehension

Part B: Tenses - Sentence Construction

Part C: Conditionals

Part D: Comparitives & Superlatives

Part E: count and non-count nouns

Part F: Essay Question

Deng it! i should have asked for my exemption ages ago! ... The exam was a waste of my time.. no offence but the CIMP English one was more challenging... this exam to me was like high school stuff! TMY was rite i should get exemption! I will Aim to get exemption for the other Comm English Class next semester... sicne this sem i forgot..-.-"

Anyways... I should score well for this... in away if i do really well... my GPA Score can go higher... lol work to my advantage mayb??

Anyways hannging round in college for a bit... group revision for 2mrs Advertising exam! Ssssssoooooo .. much to study.... cramping mostof what i have learnt in the 13 weeks of study!


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