Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy B'lated B'Day Manda!!

Woo HOO! what a party for 21 years old Amanda Quah!!! My gosh she is like a big sis to me lol! and a darn happy one as well!

Wow not to say i was not impressed with the party... cause knowing Manda.. i told Su- Lyn and John Low that i imagined her having a grand entrance into the ball room dressed all gungho, and on a high grand chair with 6 muscular men carrying her on it..

LOL! I really thought it was gonna be like that.. but when we came into the reception, we saw here dressed all beautifully in her nice dress, really nice hair do, makeup, and i especially like her white healed shoes... classy, elegance, and soo amanda!

There was around 100 friends and family around at the Holiday Villa Glen Marie and the food was fab!

Roasted Lamb
Spaghetti Cabonara (it was like diluted and even the cream of mushroom soup was thicker than the cabonara sauce!)
Lemon Sesame BBq Chicken
Salad assorments, White and Dark Chocolate mousse with choc chip chiplets
Bread Pudding
Some Chocolate Squared cake thing with condensed milk
Mango Pudding

yea.. those were the highlighted food ... but it was awesome buffet style dinner...

tho itis suppose to be a 21st birthday celebration...looks like it was a typical malaysian wedding dinner reception. LOL!

Even the cake was triple tiered! it was such a beautiful cake! it had butterflies on it and it was custom made and designed! Wow! Coolness! Manda was definitely having such a blast for certain! Even when given the mike twice, she was speechless! HAHA wat an awesome experience...

Liang, Yiki, Daniel Liew, Hwee Yen and Eluth did a jazzed up version of Happy Birthday for Manda! haha it was on prompt2 and it was awesome haha!

I had got d chance for using Daniel's SLR Sony Camera! let me tell u guys... Sony is the best! haha Canon is just super overrated! Hearing from the professional himself... Sony is one of his best choices haha! and i agree after getting the chance to play around it during the event...

Amanda... I had such a great time and i m sure i speak for every1 that ur dinner was aa typical dream like event, that for someone poor like me could only ever dream off in my dreams ... :P

Happy B'Lated 21st B"day... Big Gurl di lor... ok la i say lady :D

Dont get a Credit Card! lol!


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