Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update on unrest in Thailand

Man... this country needs help!!! I can't go for my holiday in Phuket and Phi Phi Island anymore! :( .... well at least i hope by December or even sooner they will open airports again and i can go for my holiday! I miss Phi Phi!!!!!!


Here is the update on Thailand - 'The Land of Smiles' .. (And shopping heaven!)

Protesters enter Thai P

M's offices, King consulted as protests spread

article taken from MSN News

About 45 protesters used bolt cutters to break into Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej's abandoned office Saturday, after five days of occupying the grounds surrounding the building in Bangkok.

One of the activists told AFP that protest leader Chamlong Srimuang had ordered them to force open the doors so that he could use the offices himself.

The so-called People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has led thousands of protesters in anti-government rallies since May, but they stepped up their campaign on Tuesday as they marched into the Government House compound and set up camp.

Thai news of the office invasion comes as Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej met with the nation's revered king on escalating protests that have closed three key airports and sparked clashes with riot police, an official said.

After the protests erupted into skirmishes with police Friday, causing minor injuries and rattling nerves in the coup-prone kingdom, Samak flew from Bangkok around midnight to the nearby town of Hua Hin to meet the king at his seaside palace.

"He reported to the king on the current situation and he will return to Bangkok today," the government official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The protesters from the so-called People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) have squatted on the grounds of Samak's Government House compound for five days, demanding that he resign and accusing him of acting as a puppet for ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

The same group helped topple Thaksin in 2006, and has openly called for the palace, the military and Thailand's traditional elite to take a greater role in politics.

The PAD rails against popular democracy, saying it has encouraged corruption, and in July unveiled a plan for a new system of government in which 70 percent of the seats in parliament would be appointed rather than elected.

Although the demonstrators regularly invoke the king, both in speeches and with royalist imagery, he has remained silent in the current standoff, staying away from the protests in his beachfront Klaikangwon palace, whose name means "Far from worries."

The king has little formal political power, but he holds enormous sway over his subjects and has acted as a referee during past political crises in his six decades on the throne.

After returning to Bangkok early Saturday, Samak Sundaravej was set to meet with Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn at a previously scheduled event on national reconciliation.

Despite torrential rains early Saturday, at least 6,000 protesters barricaded themselves for a fifth day inside Bangkok's main government complex.

A handful of activists wearing motorcycle helmets practiced combat techniques with homemade shields and bamboo rods. Nearby, free food was distributed to the protesters.

"We will not quit. We will not go home until we win," one woman shouted from a makeshift stage set up in their camp.

The airport on the holiday isle of Phuket -- a key magnet for international tourists -- was shut down after protesters marched on it Friday, causing the cancellation of more than 30 international and domestic flights, said Sereerat Prasutanont, president of Airports of Thailand.

"It's up to PAD protesters when they will allow the operation to resume," he told AFP.

The State Railways of Thailand, meanwhile, said about one quarter of all services had been halted since Friday, after nearly 250 drivers and mechanics called in sick to support the protests.

PAD protestors have been demonstrating against Samak since May, but they stepped up their movement on Tuesday by storming a TV station and the Government House grounds.

The turmoil has raised fears of a new coup in a country that has seen 18 military takeovers since the end of absolute monarchy in 1932.

The powerful army chief, General Anupong Paojinda has so far insisted that the military will not return to the streets.

Hoping to defuse the crisis, Samak has called for an emergency parliamentary debate on Sunday, but has refused to step down or call new elections.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Woo hoo! Selamat Hari Merdeka people! !!

For those of you, friends from other nations... Sunday is going to be Malaysia's 51st Year of Independence! 31stAugust by the way....

Happy Celebrations people!


Lol Kenny Sia!!!

hahahaha... read this guys! Kenny Sia wrote some really truthful stuff about us malaysians hahahah.....

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wow what a draw...

Champions League group-stage draw:

Group A
Chelsea, Roma, Bordeaux, CFR Cluj

Group B
Inter Milan, Werder Bremen, Panathanaikos, Anorthosis Famagusta

Group C
Barcelona, Sporting Lisbon, Basel, Shaktar Donetsk

Group D
Liverpool, PSV Eindhoven, Marseille, Atletico Madrid

Group E
Manchester United, Villarreal, Celtic, Aalborg

Group F
Lyon, Bayern Munich, Steaua Bucharest, Fiorentina

Group G

Arsenal, FC Porto, Fenerbahce, Dynamo Kiev

Group H
Real Madrid, Juventus, Zenit St Petersburg, FC BATE Borisov.

Looking at this... i guess the most ...BORING group which i will never watch any of the matches is group F... I mean gosh.. 4 boring teams... no offence la...

For each of the BiG four EPL clubs.. All have their own difficulty..

Though I'm a Liverpool fan, I feel that Liverpool has to step up their game. Yesterday morning's Champion's league qualifiers againts Standard Liege was such a heart ache to watch.. no doubt the Belgian Champs are really good tho.. but did not put much threats to Reina..

As I said... Liverpool has to step up their game.. Man U is comin up soon.. Liverpool has to prove themselves that they are definately in the EPL title contention and also Champions League..

I feel that Chelsea will be the top team to compete againts. Man U did not add much to their squad but with Berbatov on his way i feel its a real good signing for them. Chelsea with the signing of Deco and the team gelling very well together with their General Phil Scolari, and with Robinho on his way... they definitely have a really good team... but of course the pressure is on them... big name signings again.. and possibly the biggest in EPL history... Kaka... doubt he will move from Milan though...

Recent news I read online that Liverpool fans are gathering for a take over on the Club! I feel that it would be really good as they themselves are fans who owns the clubs... just like.. Saujana Golf Club.. every member are shareholders.. Finally might have the potential to get signings with out kitty restrictions!

I hope that what ever happens... its for the better! I am also really excited about this season...It is going to be a season full of surprises...

I will be following theses teams this season...

Chelsea, Inter Milan, AC Milan and lastly .. My TEAM!!! LIVERPOOL!!!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Turmoil in Bangkok?

Thai protesters seize state TV, surround govt buildings

Thousands of protesters on Tuesday stepped up their campaign to force Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej from office, seizing a state-run television station and surrounding the country's seat of government.

The People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), which has been demonstrating here since May, claim Samak is running Thailand on behalf of ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted in a 2006 coup and barred from holding office.

Samak, who was elected in December and formed a coalition government in February, told the nation Monday that the protests would not force him out of office, and accused the PAD of seeking to destroy Thailand's economy.

Thailand's powerful army chief urged calm, insisting the military would not overthrow the government to quell the escalating protests.

"The military will not stage a coup d'etat. The public must not panic and must carry on their daily lives. The army will not get involved in politics," General Anupong Paojinda told reporters.

Protesters marched before dawn on Government House and the National Broadcasting Service of Thailand (NBT) office, forcing the station off the air after storming the premises for a second time.

"Now we have completely taken over NBT and I want more people to join them," PAD leader Sondhi Limthongkul told demonstrators at another location in the Thai capital.

"Today is judgement day. I am ready if they want to arrest me. If we have to go to police headquarters this time we will not simply stay outside. We will get inside there," he told the cheering crowds.

Deputy government spokesman Nuttawut Saikua told AFP: "PAD have seized NBT to cut off the government communication. Now up to 3,000 people have occupied NBT and they plan to do their own broadcast."

A first attempt to take over the station ended with the arrests of 80 protesters. Police charged them with trespassing and seized a handgun, slingshots and golf clubs.

"They cannot claim their right to rally under the constitution because armed protesters intruded into a state office," said General Jongrak Juntanont, deputy national police chief.

But upon the second attempt, NBT briefly showed images of protesters breaking down a barrier at their Bangkok office before blacking out and broadcasting pre-recorded footage.

Elsewhere, thousands of protesters surrounded Government House, with PAD demonstrators using trucks to block all entrances.

A government official who did not wished to be named told AFP that only about 10 percent of staff at Government House had made it to work.

"As of now the government has stopped functioning," he said.

Thousands more protesters, waving royal and national flags, then made their way to the transport and finance ministries, vowing to blockade all major government buildings.

Police refused to say how many officers were deployed to maintain order, but a spokesman said they were planning to send more forces onto the streets.

Nuttawut, the deputy government spokesman, said earlier they would not yield to the protesters and would proceed with a weekly cabinet meeting.

"As of now the prime minister has not made any change, therefore I still think that the cabinet meeting will go ahead," Nuttawut said.

Asked if the government planned to declare emergency rule, he replied: "Wait for the prime minister. So far there is no special instruction."

One minister told AFP that the meeting would likely be moved to to a military command office on the northern outskirts of Bangkok.

news from MSN - link.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Ahh... more events and stuff!

Wow... It turns out that I'm wrong about this semester, of having lots of time and more relaxed... I got a call for an event that's gonna happen on next Friday night. The event is gonna be held Puchong... a dinner gathering... it makes me wonder why it always clashes with my other commitments... well its no choice... I'm gonna have to get Emmanuel n Dionne to anchor cell for me...
Next week I also have my very first presentation for the Semester. Its for Marketing Comm Research. According to Ken it's a piece of cake.. maybe there is a catch to it... its a 30 mins presentation... so lets get going people!!


Ahh..The Masquerade...

Ahh... Actually.. I didn't take much photos from The Masquerade... but whatever picts you find here are all that I took.. HAHA... for a blogger.. i should have more yea... but I was too busy having fun!

I liked the after party better at Scarlet.. Cineleisure 1st Flr...

I got a glimps of how my classmates are outside of college... haha do check it out at my friends' blogs here.....

Amelia - IACT PROM 08 - Royal Bintang

Chuen - Facebook Prom after party picts
Prom - Masquerade
Her Blog Post on the day

Karmen - On Prom
- After Prom - Scarlet

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Truth Behind Ps. Michael Guglielmucci's fake cancer battle

Hey fellow readers...

here is the truth behind Michael Guglielmucci's fake cancer battle.... porn addiction.

I have to admit that for me personally. Used to be addicted to pornography myself. It's been a long battle for me.. must have been since i was 13 around the same time as Michael. For me it has been because of reasons that i was in Thailand that i was with bad company. As the bible says, if you deal with bad company will be like them. That's what happened to me. I thank God everyday that He has saved me from the chains of Pornography in the middle of last year. Since that day, i have lived a more healthier life, a happier life and a more focused life. As a student under the care of my parents, my priorities are that as I honour God, i also focus on my studies, my passion for guitar, my cell group in church, my college friends, my relationship with my families, and as a christian to reach out to my friends.

I hope and pray that the lives that Ps. Michael has touched, the church, christians around the world that we will not be shaken from the works of Satan...I pray that Ps. Michael and his family wil have a speedy recovery from this devastating set back, and I thank You God, that you have helped Ps. Michael to reveil the truth behind lies that has been piled up over the last 2 years. That You, our creator, our father is always with us and see all that we do. I thank You Jesus, that you have freed me of my own sin.. and i thank You for giving me each new day to serve You. As the touching song that he wrote.. "Healer" ... I believe that Lord, You healed me... You will heal Ps. Michael as well.... All of us has our own mistakes... we have to learn from them... God gave us the freedom of choice... he didn't make us to be robots... God let things happen for a reason... so that we will be a stronger person... I believe that through this rough patch that Ps. Michael is going through that you will make him anew.

I give you All the praise.. Amen....

I would like to share with u, if you havent seen, the article the world has been waiting for.. "Michael Guglielmucci article". I have taken this article from the AdelaideNow.

Disgraced pastor Michael Guglielmucci a 'porn addict'

Article from: Sunday Mail (SA)


August 24, 2008 11:50am

THE disgraced pastor at the centre of a fake cancer scandal has spoken for the first time about his "secret life of sin".

But fallen pastor Michael Guglielmucci only released a brief statement to explain his actions, four days after The Advertiser revealed the truth of his two-year web of lies.

The statement was read to a packed congregation at a pentecostal church his father, Danny Guglielmucci, founded - Edge Church International at Reynella.

Mr Guglielmucci says the reason behind his fictitious cancer story was to hide his 16-year obsession with pornography.

"It is with much pain and sadness that I make this statement today," he said in the statement.

"For over 16 years I have struggled with an addition to adult pornography as a result of this secret life of sin my body would often breakdown.

"I'd report the cause of my symptoms simply as illnesses and I've thrown my life into a ministry for many years trying to compensate for my sin.

"I believe that I do love Jesus and I know that he loves me and it is this love along with the prayers of people around the world that bring me to this place of confession.

"Two years ago, I reported that I was suffering from cancer, the truth is that although I was ill I did not have cancer but was again using the misdiagnosis to hid the lie that I was living.

"I know in my heart that it is the truth alone that will set me free and this is the reason for my confession.

"I've dishonoured God, my wife, my family and the church and I take full responsibility for my actions and would like to make it very clear that no-one else was in any way aware of my double life.

"I'm fully commited to a process of discipline, recovery and restitution and will see this process through to what ever extent is necessary.

"I am deeply sorry and pray that you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.

"Currently I am undergoing professional medical assessment and evaluation to help identify and begin to treat the real and much deeper issues.

"Please continue to pray for my wife and I and my family as we have a long, hard road ahead of us but a road that I'm thankful to God that I'm finally walking."

THE Sunday Mail revealed today that Guglielmucci has been addicted to pornography since the age of 12.

The disgraced pastor's father Danny Guglielmucci said the "severe addiction to pornography" was part of a bizarre double life his son had been leading.

Mr Guglielmucci said Michael had made a full confession to his family about his past, including revelations about the 16-year porn obsession and the lies over his supposed battle with terminal illness.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mail this week, Mr Guglielmucci also revealed:

HIS son has been suffering "mystery illnesses" since the age of 12.

DOCTORS gave his parents the option of admitting him to a psychiatric ward for assessment as a child over the ongoing "illnesses", but they refused.

THE family's "absolute shock" at discovering Michael was not terminally ill.

Mr Guglielmucci said he and wife Sharonne – who founded Edge Church International – were struggling to comprehend what their son had done.

"When (Michael) rang me last Tuesday, I was on my way to New Zealand," Mr Guglielmucci said.

"He said, 'Dad you've got to come and see me'.

"I said to my wife, 'Maybe the doctors have told him he's only got a few weeks to live'.

"So we cancelled everything and jumped on the plane and went to see him in Melbourne, and that's when he told us the story.

"We were just in absolute shock and we still are. We haven't had time to get our head around it. He said, 'I don't have cancer. I've had two lives that I've lived'.

"His wife (Amanda), who has been with him for seven years, found out the day before we did and she's had no idea.

"Michael has had a severe addiction to pornography. The addiction to pornography started when he was 12.

"It's horrendous because we don't have that sort of stuff around. He was raised in a Christian home; we've never brought that stuff into our home."

Michael Guglielmucci was one of Australia's highest-profile Christian preachers, inspiring hundreds of thousands around the world as he performed his hit song Healer with an oxygen tube in his nose.

He was a pastor with Planetshakers, Christian youth movement that began in Adelaide and has grown into an international ministry. Guglielmucci was based in Melbourne.

But that all came crashing down this week when his deception became public.

Mr Guglielmucci said his son finally confessed after the guilt of his lies and addiction became overwhelming.

"He lived the two lives and he would get sick as a result of the guilt," he said.

"He was feeling like he was letting God down, letting his family down, his church, his friends.

"He's been living this for so long, feeling like he's had these two lives and now he's the one that's come out in the open. He confessed it, he didn't get caught.

"To deal with the guilt he would pour himself into doing good work. He's touched the lives of young people all over the world. Now they are all affected by this.

"He hasn't done this for any reasons that have been portrayed that he's a fraud.

"It was either keep pretending or come out with the truth and tell everything. He's come out with everything but now we've got the consequences of it all.

"We have to accept it. We're hoping to share with our congregation how it all started and how it got where it is.

"We understand people's anger, we understand their questioning.

"There's so many questions.

"An addiction like this is not going to be fixed overnight. You can't have a 16-year problem and fix it in a week."

Mr Guglielmucci said his son was undergoing psychiatric assessment with Adelaide doctors.

"They have said to me that he is very ill. They are assessing where reality stopped and fantasy kicked in and what's caused all this," he said.

"The doctor believes that at times Michael was totally convinced that he had this sickness."

Mr Guglielmucci said his son had a long history of "mystery illnesses", starting in childhood.

"When he was about 12 he did vomit all the time, he'd get really really sick," he said.

"He was in the Adelaide Children's Hospital for seven weeks at one stage; he didn't eat and we thought we were going to lose him.

"They took out his appendix, thinking that it might be that, but they realised that it wasn't.

"They gave us the option of putting him in a psychiatric ward to see if there was something psychological but we felt uncomfortable with that at the time.

"We signed him out from hospital and then he would go a few months and then he would get sick again.

"We'd always take him to hospital; we'd always do the proper thing but they couldn't get to the bottom of it until now."

Mr Guglielmucci said he and his wife were in "absolute shock" to discover their son was not terminally ill.

"We have watched our son go through what we thought was cancer," he said. "My wife and I, over the past two years, have watched him vomit in buckets, having nosebleeds, and even his hair fell out in clumps at one stage.

"Every time we saw him, we saw symptoms. He stayed with us for a while where we had to put a special air-conditioner in one of the rooms because he would heat up so much in the middle of winter.

"He had this cold air-conditioner blowing on him to try to keep the heat down. As a professional minister I've stood in front of my congregation and cried and said to pray for my son.

"I've travelled the world asking people to pray for him. Can you imagine what a horrible thing it would be if I was playing a game?

"To be honest, I ask myself as a father, `What did I miss, what did I not do? What could I have done better?' "

Mr Guglielmucci said Michael's wife was "getting really good counselling".

"She's not made any decision at this point," he said.

"It's happened so quickly. There's so many questions."

CLick here... for link of previous article on 22nd August 2008. AdelaideNow

Friday, August 22, 2008

PROM! ... MY JACKET!!!!!

PROM is just under 17 hrs to go before prom... and i dont have my jacket!!!

Mask - ready...

Beige Slacks - ready

Red buttoned down Padini Formal Shirt - Ready

White Tie- Ready..

My paper boy cap... - Ready...


Should have known that i should have reserved it! pay a deposit for it !! I forgot abt Mega Sales!! within 1 week... till tuesday... 3 days ago... it was gone.. out of stock!!!! My RM 300 Zara Beige is gone!!!!!

Stupid la they no more stock at Pavilion, and other outlets... deng sales.. now i might have to go for this alternative!!

Black Docker Slacks - Ready

Red buttoned down Padini Formal Shirt or a black one by Durban - (Both) Ready

Red Suave Tie or White - both at ready...

mask - Ready

Lacoste Black Shoes- Ready..

Glove - Camo and White - also ready.

Guitar Ready.. Voice Ready...


Then i have to go for my G2000 Jacket then... black ... but thats an old one! Deng it...its a business suit one! not a Dinner Jacket or a Casual one!

Plan C??
Dun go la! :D


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So 9 things i accomplished... today is the last day of my 12 days of holidays...

hmm 12 days... kinda productive really.. this holiday i mean... i did a few things...

1. Continued my work in an event company i have been working with for the past 2 years. It made my holiday feel more like working days again.. except i don't work in the mornings and afternoons, nights till 3 a.m in the morn.

2. I finally got a wireless network in my home.. Linksys G .. its sufficient enough for a 2-3 story home. its only Rm150 .. dont need the new N wireless technology, that's over sufficient for a home. Now with the wireless network. I do not need to fight for the use of the internet anymore!

3. I have finally got my HP Bluetooth wireless mouse to work! after 3 months of trying to figure out how the mouse will work, since the set up wizard cd doesn't work... so i finally thought it as a bluetooth device just like anyother and just turn the mouse on.. and vua-la! It worked! :D need to get 2 pairs of AA rechargable batts, so that it saves money on buying batteries over and over again.

4. Got 2 new Miut2 necklaces :D they are just coolness! :D I will b wearing one of them 2mr!

Btw the 2 new ones are at the top. The 'Danny hearts food' one was b'day present from Chuen :D Thx Chuen!

5. Oh yea. I managed to clean out some old files, Monash, CIMP, even from high school in Bangkok!

6. Got 4 t-shirts for only RM 50 (500baht) from Bangkok, Thailand.. Platinuum Mall!!! (Courtesy of Chuen!!)

thats Chuen btw :D

7. I found the right keyboard protector! for RM12 bucks! Digital Mall!8. I went to One Utama tonite, to get a Paperboy Cap(a.k.a Flat cap or beagle cap).

9. The Masquerade is coming! Since Karmen was so secretive on the color of her mask... so will I! :p
Prom is this friday! Can't wait.. will be performing 4 songs, 2 wif Azian, 2 with clement.

Well as you can see... i have accomplished quite a lot. It might seem little, but actually to me its a lot. As soon as sem 2 starts tomorrow, I would not have the time to get these things done. Still gotta go collect my jacket ... :D Mask, Tie, Shoes, Slacks all ready :D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping! More Sales n Discounts!!!

Ahh let me tell u i luv luv shoppIng!!!

I will go and cash out from the nearest ATM and i will go find and rush for the best clothes especially during the PADINI Warehouse!!

Another that i'm crazy about is... the Loreal Studio ONE DAY SALE!!!

Woo Hoo !

Brands: Lancome, Biotherm, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Cacharel, Guy Laroche, Shu Uemura
Date: 23rd August 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 10am - 8pm
Venue: Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur, Orchid Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor), Jalan Sultan Ismai, Kuala Lumpur.

Wow wow woo hoo!!

Sales all over

See u there!!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Woo Hoo! 100 posts!

Woo Hoo! Its official! this is the 100th post of!

I would like to personally thank all my readers who constantly gives me comments and feedbacks and for those who i do not know and take interest of my blog i thank you for taking part of my life's journey and share my thoughts and feelings and my everyday life!!

To my friends in church, college, overseas, from other schools. I also thank u for reading my blog! Asof 12:24 p.m 1683 visitors since the blog has opened!

I hope to continue to inspire, to tell my story and my life journey for many years to come

Thank You all again!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is my month !Woo Hoo HOO! Another Shocker!

LOL guess what! Just when i thought that my Photomontage was sealed in the place of The Gallery....

So did my Music Magazine!!!

Out of a total 6 magazines i think. 3 got in !! My group's ( Cynthia, Kent, Susanna, Winnie, myself), Chuen's and Clement's!!!

Li Chuen's Group - Shermaine, Zhe n Abdullah



Mayer broke up with Jen! RIP Bernie Mac

Freaking! i thought that finally John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston can settle down from their unfortunate pass strings of relationships and about to get married... then ! The bombshell came!


i will explain no further.. just look the article urself here.

RIP Bernie Mac .. one of the best comedians in the world, succumbed to complications from pneumonia in a . view here...


The Gallery....

The Gallary...the illusive place where artworks painted designed by God given hands.. displayed among other great arts portraying its own story....

I m now part of that illusive gallery wif 5 of my IAA70 class mates [Chloe, Cynthia, Karmen, Sherman, Shy Theng]

Yea! Name sealed in the gallery!!

Yea! Thats mine!

n here's sherman's too!

Haha... we really didnt expect to be in the gallery, let alone pass!! Top 6 gets to be displayed at d gallery!

Btw... this a funny vid i took haha...



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm a Life Blogger

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

I'm An Archer!

You Are Archery

You are a bit of a traditionalist. You like old fashioned things with deep traditions.

You also like to see the result of your accomplishments right in front of you.

If practice makes perfect, that's fine by you. You like to practice a skill.

OO.. funny twin hard boiled eggs!

hmm... double prosperity good?

lol this is kinda weird... i remember seeing this pict from somewher.. but yea i took it from a blog that i read quite often, the malaysian life and it is pretty darn cool picture in a sense.

None the less as the blogger said: "Potential twin chickens that will never hatch."


Monday, August 11, 2008

Invisibility cloak now within sight: scientists

Hmm turns out that scientist have created an invinsible cloak... first thing i thought was...
Yup... Harry Potter with his invisible cloak... and

Judi Dench (The elemental on Chronicles of Riddick)

Well at least almost invisible.

I also can wat...turn off light every1 is invisible what.... hahahaha..

On a scientific note, turns out that only in certain light spectrum and bending certain wave lengths so that the human eye cannot see. well if u want to get the scientific detail read the article urself here...

and it also got me thinking...

what if it was placed in the wrong hands? Spying, stealing, invasion of privacy?

True to some extent that it will b useful in war, but in putting it in the hands of thugs can be dangerous! Rape, Stealing, Killings, it will destroy a peaceful nation and create Crime all over...

hmm.. interesting that the US allows this information to pass... who knows? What other stuff are being hidden from us! Other age old fantasies of human flying, super human mutants, who knows...

Who knows...


ref link:

Sunday, August 10, 2008


This is an Exciting new event present to you by Glad Tidings PJ... Its time to declare ur victory! Join us for a very special and exciting Campus/ College Retreat!

Only RM 120 for 3days 2nites!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

wow... opening ceremony started on the 8th of the 8th month of 2008 (8th Aug 2008 -.-" ) and started on Beijing time 08:08:08 (8 p.m 8 mins and 8 seconds! )..OK la exaggerated on the 8 seconds... but it was awesome!!! Suits the Chinese ppl who believe in the number 8 !!!

The girl singing at the opening was so soo cute! & her voice was like perfect note to note and was heavenly and so was the kids choir!!

N the coolest coolness to the max part was when the last man with the torch was brought up in to the sky and ran along side the visual Chinese scroll that was freaking coolness and awesomeness to the max max MAX!!!!

Yea.. Best Opening Ceremony i have seen for the Olympics!! I hope the closing is as awesome and even better! We are in for a surprise!

My Cell and Deniece's went to Picadilly's tonite for dinner and watch the opening of Olympics... i was freakin hungry so yea... i ate a fettuccine cabonara with bacon slices, iced-lemon tea with Ice Kacang (ABC Special) ...

The Fettucine could do with a lil more cream, to thicken the sauce but overall it was good. The Ice Kacang... was totally opposite.. it does not taste like ABC and it was specially desasterous! Taste like crap!


Friday, August 8, 2008

just wanna say something...

I just want to say... that Presentation Skills final presentation was not our best work that we can produce, and also not the best that i have done. In fact, i thought that it was the worst performance ever for me in finals.

In the group evaluation, not mentioning any names, from my sources, it appears that i have been mentioned that i do not come for group meetings, and thus, being graded unfairly. I m not pleased abt that. Firstly, i understand that 2 of the group members have completed their CG assignment before any other IAA70 students. "BRAVO!" and so what if i cant come for the meetings? does not mean we cancel the meeting for the day? Even Amelia said so herself. she had to wake up for the meetings and appear to be cancelled, cause what? just 1 member out of 5 cant make it? that should not be the way and should not be the cause of reason for blaming someone for the fault of not having much group meetings... i have already told a group member that if i m not there at the meeting so the rest can make it... so y not have a meeting again? i cant come for the meeting cause like others, i havent got it approved yet! Sure Chloe and Karmen are happythey finish "early" but cause others needed the extension, so obviously the prime assignment to be worried abt is CG. Communication should have been more clear as members who are not at the meeting should be updated on infos and new inventions. Shocked me when there were 3 inventions already and i wasnt told about it... till i found out on the day before the presentation. All my research work for what ? should i be spending time worrying abt other group members who did work? no ... every1 is for themselves in the end.. for my part, the presntation was lousy cause of lack of preperations. sure others had the time to practice, but since i had to do reprinting, and writing and amending the intro and conclusion, i did not have the time to make nice, cute, small handwriten cue cards,let alone even doing a full rehearsal.

I m not here to point fingers at anyone unlike others. but there was no teamwork effort with ALL members, even though it was 3 inventions. where each talk abt one and intro and conclusion done by one. I m just saying that considerations have to come in when i couldnt come for meetings cause of CG, so why rate me poorly, 4 out of 5 can go for meetings y cant meeting continue instead of being cancelled? my fault its cancelled? my fault for lack of meetings? full marks for laziness every1? Even Chuen offered to say to lower her marks for peer review,but i rated it decently with 18, where every1 had around the same, score with 18 to 19 only, cause all of us played an equal part of not doing our best for the presentation.

I just want to say. that if things want to b said behind my back .. then keep it there, i have my sources, walls have ears... sound travels, eyes everywhere, thin doors and whispers are clear... i didnt do anything bad to anyone, and never threated the shit out of anyone, and what makes me deserve all this crap? I didn't ask u to rate me Excellent or Good because i m ur fellow College person.. i m just looking at it in realistic way n in turn u as well.


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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Izzi fulfilling and satisfied Lunch!!

Had meeting today for final presentation for Presentation skills today.. so we went to Izzi and eat... we were attracted my the 50% off on all food... so like.. Oh Yea we r gonna eat Italian food!

Amelia had her Cream of Mushroom Soup
Chuen had her Fettucini Cabonara Funghi
Karmen and Amelia shared the Chicken Lasagne,
Ken had his Seafood Maranara with Fettucini
and Mua had Lasagne all by me-self!

Here is our picts!

Yea.. u cant see the bill clearly... but it says it cost around rm 85 or something la.... its pretty aite if u share ur bottomless peach teas and ur main food... mine cost only Rm 13 haha! not bad after discount.. it was worth it! the lasagne was like double the size of ones u get at Pizza Hut, Dominos and Vivo... yup! IZZI is the best!

DannyBoy :D