Friday, August 22, 2008

PROM! ... MY JACKET!!!!!

PROM is just under 17 hrs to go before prom... and i dont have my jacket!!!

Mask - ready...

Beige Slacks - ready

Red buttoned down Padini Formal Shirt - Ready

White Tie- Ready..

My paper boy cap... - Ready...


Should have known that i should have reserved it! pay a deposit for it !! I forgot abt Mega Sales!! within 1 week... till tuesday... 3 days ago... it was gone.. out of stock!!!! My RM 300 Zara Beige is gone!!!!!

Stupid la they no more stock at Pavilion, and other outlets... deng sales.. now i might have to go for this alternative!!

Black Docker Slacks - Ready

Red buttoned down Padini Formal Shirt or a black one by Durban - (Both) Ready

Red Suave Tie or White - both at ready...

mask - Ready

Lacoste Black Shoes- Ready..

Glove - Camo and White - also ready.

Guitar Ready.. Voice Ready...


Then i have to go for my G2000 Jacket then... black ... but thats an old one! Deng it...its a business suit one! not a Dinner Jacket or a Casual one!

Plan C??
Dun go la! :D


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