Tuesday, August 5, 2008

presenting ... My Carnival/Funfair Photo montage!!! / OMG! CG!!!! Mr. Low Finally Approve!

It is like omg! i finally got to get my final CG assignment done and dusted! tis been such as relief and also to get along with the final exam for Mass Comm and also Final presentation for Presentation Skills!

I'm so so glad that he finally approved my work after working on shadows for 12 hrs i think.. to get he logical lightnings right for my work. yea.. and by 6 p.m i got my work approved and sent to the printings!

Though my aim is to reach the Gallery to be presented and shown to other students and new potential intakes what IACT college is capable of! and also what 3 months of learning can make us achieve!

But after seeing my fellow classmates' fabulous work.. i doubt i can make it to the gallery with them around!

Here is the Finished Product for My Carnival/Funfair Photo montage..


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