Friday, August 8, 2008

just wanna say something...

I just want to say... that Presentation Skills final presentation was not our best work that we can produce, and also not the best that i have done. In fact, i thought that it was the worst performance ever for me in finals.

In the group evaluation, not mentioning any names, from my sources, it appears that i have been mentioned that i do not come for group meetings, and thus, being graded unfairly. I m not pleased abt that. Firstly, i understand that 2 of the group members have completed their CG assignment before any other IAA70 students. "BRAVO!" and so what if i cant come for the meetings? does not mean we cancel the meeting for the day? Even Amelia said so herself. she had to wake up for the meetings and appear to be cancelled, cause what? just 1 member out of 5 cant make it? that should not be the way and should not be the cause of reason for blaming someone for the fault of not having much group meetings... i have already told a group member that if i m not there at the meeting so the rest can make it... so y not have a meeting again? i cant come for the meeting cause like others, i havent got it approved yet! Sure Chloe and Karmen are happythey finish "early" but cause others needed the extension, so obviously the prime assignment to be worried abt is CG. Communication should have been more clear as members who are not at the meeting should be updated on infos and new inventions. Shocked me when there were 3 inventions already and i wasnt told about it... till i found out on the day before the presentation. All my research work for what ? should i be spending time worrying abt other group members who did work? no ... every1 is for themselves in the end.. for my part, the presntation was lousy cause of lack of preperations. sure others had the time to practice, but since i had to do reprinting, and writing and amending the intro and conclusion, i did not have the time to make nice, cute, small handwriten cue cards,let alone even doing a full rehearsal.

I m not here to point fingers at anyone unlike others. but there was no teamwork effort with ALL members, even though it was 3 inventions. where each talk abt one and intro and conclusion done by one. I m just saying that considerations have to come in when i couldnt come for meetings cause of CG, so why rate me poorly, 4 out of 5 can go for meetings y cant meeting continue instead of being cancelled? my fault its cancelled? my fault for lack of meetings? full marks for laziness every1? Even Chuen offered to say to lower her marks for peer review,but i rated it decently with 18, where every1 had around the same, score with 18 to 19 only, cause all of us played an equal part of not doing our best for the presentation.

I just want to say. that if things want to b said behind my back .. then keep it there, i have my sources, walls have ears... sound travels, eyes everywhere, thin doors and whispers are clear... i didnt do anything bad to anyone, and never threated the shit out of anyone, and what makes me deserve all this crap? I didn't ask u to rate me Excellent or Good because i m ur fellow College person.. i m just looking at it in realistic way n in turn u as well.


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