Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

wow... opening ceremony started on the 8th of the 8th month of 2008 (8th Aug 2008 -.-" ) and started on Beijing time 08:08:08 (8 p.m 8 mins and 8 seconds! )..OK la exaggerated on the 8 seconds... but it was awesome!!! Suits the Chinese ppl who believe in the number 8 !!!

The girl singing at the opening was so soo cute! & her voice was like perfect note to note and was heavenly and so was the kids choir!!

N the coolest coolness to the max part was when the last man with the torch was brought up in to the sky and ran along side the visual Chinese scroll that was freaking coolness and awesomeness to the max max MAX!!!!

Yea.. Best Opening Ceremony i have seen for the Olympics!! I hope the closing is as awesome and even better! We are in for a surprise!

My Cell and Deniece's went to Picadilly's tonite for dinner and watch the opening of Olympics... i was freakin hungry so yea... i ate a fettuccine cabonara with bacon slices, iced-lemon tea with Ice Kacang (ABC Special) ...

The Fettucine could do with a lil more cream, to thicken the sauce but overall it was good. The Ice Kacang... was totally opposite.. it does not taste like ABC and it was specially desasterous! Taste like crap!


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