Monday, July 7, 2008

Long day... time to remember...Lizzie... my condolences to u....

Gosh! Cell last week was not just any other week in cell! We had 8 people! And we had a welcome back surprise as Li Yenn came back from Edinbrough! (Apparently, she has been back since last Monday -.-) didn’t know about it till Dionne told me last Thursday. Hmm… seems like she is trying to pull a surprise on the current cell leader of Campus Town! Lols…. I think we can just say we r glad that she is back home!

Today has been a busy day… I m now here sitting in my college foyer…. With 2 other friends of mine … chillaxing after a long day…

Had to go to college at 9 in the morn.. not for class.. but for group meeting.. last min rush for the 12 noon presentation.

Lizzie… my condolences to you… I understand what ur going through… it is painful.. it is a shock … for me… death of 3 friends from Jan this month… it’s a hard and painful time… but how I managed to get on with life is to remember the fun I had with my friends and also that they have gone to a better place.

Lizzie be strong… that’s how I got pass… If u need someone to talk to … let me know k? call anytime u want to chat… Im sure ur mum is in a better place.

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