Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Things changes...

As some of u might already know...that i have left monash university which was a tough and painful choice for me...

To clarify things up... I was in monash last year... doing bach of business. i did not know what i wanted to do for my future career, but i took my dad's suggestion that mayb i should go to business as its a versatile course. Looking back at it now, i guess i should not have rushed into things too quickly. After the 2nd sem in Monash, i decided that its time to call it quits, as Business is totally not for me. Of course i have had advice from my leaders on what options should i take it was a long and hard option to decided to withdraw from monash as i would have wasted the whole of 2007 and also the tuition fees that my parents paid, RM 25 K plus i think, for education per year in Monash.

After much thought, i spoke to my parents and i told them that i decided to withdraw from Monash as they have also spoken to be before that i have never did so badly before till now, which kind of gave them a hell out of a shock and i m sure i made them worry abt me everyday, especially during the exam periods.

But i m glad my parents understands me, they agreed about the withdrawal from Monash.

For the pass few months from Nov till Feb, i had to think abt what i really wanted to do for my career. Since high school in Bangkok, i have always wanted to do advertising.

In high school i was part of the Student council commitee for the whole of Secondary (from Yr 7 to yr 13) and i was part of the Events and Media group. So, i really enjoyed doing the designs for the posters, billboards, and marketing the product or the events taht were coming up....

but when we came back to malaysia in Aug 05, we were not able to find a college that has Advertising as it was not a popular choice in malaysia, unlike business, engineering, bio chem, medicine, mass com( which was a new thing then). thats y i went to do my Onterio Diploma in Sunway College.

It was quite an eye opener when i went to scout around colleges the pass few months, when we went to KDu to inquire about their Mass Com, they did not have advertising but more to the Journalism, broadcasting side of Mass Com.

Then one of the ladies at KDU said that a good place to go for Advertising is IACT, which is Institute of Advertising Communications Training located in Damansara Utama.

I have never heard of this place, neither have most people, as i was told. But IACT offers professional specialized courses in Advertising, Graphics Designing and Mass Communications.

After i went to IACT to inquire about their courses and what they have to offer for me, the marketing lady at IACT suggested that i went to the other 2 competitors which were Lim Kok Wing and One Acadamy to have a good comparison of what each have to offer.

A few days after that, my dad took leave on that day to go to visit One Academy to have a look at what they have to offer.

We met up with this guy and he detailed us with what ONE Academy has to offer.

When we asked him about IACT, he straight away told us that IACT is the best for Advertising Communications, but for Graphics Designing, One Acadamy is better... as he has friends who have graduated from IACT as well who has high regards for it.

To cut this post short so that i don't have to bore u even more, i went to a few other colleges which offers advertising, and i have decided that IACT is the best option for me because of how colleges themselves also say that IACT is the best college.

further more, IACT lecturers are all part timers as they r still working in the Advertising Industry themselves, so it is an added advantage as students in IACT would get first hand knowledge from the lecturers and also a better learning experience in work related fields to the Advertising Industry.

So i have enrolled in to Diploma in Advertising / Marketing Communications in IACT where i will get 2 Diplomas, one from The International Advertising Association and The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia.

This is a 2 and a half years Diploma course which includes internship as well (Half Year) . The after the 2 and a half years i will be going to RMIT for a year to get my degree

If u want to know more about IACT u can go to:

About IACT

I want to thank my advisers in guiding me and supporting me in my decisions and ur prayers which have helped me go through this rough patch in my life.... and for fellow bloggers out there, keep me in ur prayers as i continue to seek confidence and guidance and to overcome tough patches in my life and continue where i have left off in my educational journey.

Daniel New

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