Thursday, March 6, 2008

Honor to serve!! / which laptop??

i m on worship team again!! tis an honour to serve the Lord and together as a worship team we help to usher the presence of the Holy Spirit to rain down on us!

Awesome... i got a v.v. good feeling abt this week's service!!! but let us continue to pray and prepare our hearts for the service and to cell this friday!!!

for me... i like worship leaders like David... who sends out the mails early even tho there will be constant updates. But nonetheless, it gives me the opportunity to practice very hard and so i can focus on worshiping the Lord while playing the E. Guitar!!!

Since the beginning of the year, i have been on a shopping hunt for a laptop. Not just any laptop, but a lap top that allows me to do the basics i.e accessing office softwares, internet, music etc, but also for my Advertising course as i will be required to use a few high powered softwares which include, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Dreamweaver, Photoshop... basically softwares that require not just lots of space but a high graphic card and stability so that the computer wont like.. hang or stuff.

After looking at a few of my choices... i have decided and made my decision that...

  • Dell is actually not cheap considering the price does not include some necessary stuff that will add up to around RM 4000 from RM2699
  • MacbookPro is the ideal laptop for my use.. but the price is RM7999.... ridiculous.
  • Macbook.... from friends recommendations and advice....Macs r reliable, does not hang and should be competible for my use.. further more... it has 2 OS systems... the Mac Leopard and i can have the option to switch to the Windows OS... Awesome...
Therefore, since the mac is around RM 4K to 4,5K... i have decided to get a Mac book... sufficient enough for my use..

but.. the last hurdle is through my parents >.<"


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