Sunday, November 4, 2007

Boring and tiring day today...

Wow... saturday was a busy day... i had to wake up in the early hrs to send my mum to her cell leader's place as they r embarking on a mission trip to the orang asli people... again... since when their cell been so active... LOL after all its the year of venture...

After that i came home n went straight to bed then woke up to blog abt the websites that i have found that r extremely useful for parties and also cell harvesting! XD then it was a really boring day today... time passes by so quick sometimes when its not that fun... then i had to go to church early and pick up Emmanuel from MT, cause we were part of an Esther reenactment where Esther was chosen to be king... for those of u who were ther... LOL u dont have to ask whats my part of the act... LOL !!!!! i seriously was like.... i wouldnt want to lose my manhood in real life... o_O" !

deng!... MU couldn't keep their clean sheet in their 2nd half after Rooney's goal in injury time 1st half... but arsenal deserves the draw as they pushed hard and immobilized Ronaldo, Tevez, Giggs and Rooney... as their defence was solid... MU would need to keep their back line solid as defensive frailties have eluded them again causing careless mistakes in free kicks.

I guess thats the best score for the other teams in the EPl anyways... make both team drop 2 points.


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