Sunday, October 28, 2007

i got a new toy!...contidued of panic room!

Hey guys i got another new toy again! I got a Busker Chorus pedal ! I forgot to put a pict of my SE keely mod roland super dist pedal but i will post my full pedal board as soon as Aiden, Jane and Ashley give me back my pedals! >< lol .. like 2mr would be good lol... any ways i got it on discount lol since its the last in stock.... lol from RM 300 t0 250 lol imported from Japan, tho its made in China... The Buskers brand is a Japanese indies effects pedal brand that has started producing pedals quite recently. Buskers make a range of effects pedals that stand out because of their simplicity and solid sounds namely their overdrive pedal,flanger, and their chorus. Personally i got it cause its sound just like the ETH Small Clone Chorus pedal which is abt rm 350. The busker Chorus gives me the Leslie - wobble and the 12 string sound which is so smooth and clear especially when its combined with the SE-1 and the DD-6, its great when doing vintage rock like ZOmbie where the guitarist uses a CE-1 actually. It gives taht airry dreamy ness so its soo cool and it gives the sounds that i want and lookin for...

" here i am! i m Busker Chorus from Japan!" I kinda like the color also looks like pastel white n so cool !

Oh cont'd on panic room... today morn i woke up at like 7 in the morn... my bro's alarm so loud that i can hear it from the kitchen downstairs with the radio on.!! n imagine my room next to his room... omfg ... i wake up so freakin early for wat???? my bro said that he wakes up early to go shoot some hoops.... wtf ! some people wanna sleep!??? SO ANY WAYS... since i cant go back to sleep i went to make pancakes and an omelet with bacon, honey, milk n cheese (fyi: omelets are one of my comfort foods by the way ;p) and made my self a big cup of milo XD ... so after my very very satisfying meal i went back to my cold room and study for mkt which is on Monday.... crap so fast its exams.... so i studied in my room till lunch and had scrumptious laksa my mum made.! Soo SOO devine til make all the laksa in malaysia suck ! " then i decided to go n study Biz law... now thats one paper i m so afraid of lol... in case write abt wrong facts n use wrong rule ar... ham cat adi lor... whole question wrong!

welll.. how it wont happen to me ... lol since open book .... can bring in a whole trolley of stuff also can says our biz law lecture... we not so dumb la , need so many books for wat.. no time to flip the pages also for the whole exam... lol we would probably be doing more reading than writing if doing that... all i m bringin are my books prescribed, my lect notes and my sheet of rules ....

that should be fine i guess.... suppose to have dinner with shearn actually but he cant make it got sth to do... so i went to church and had dinner with a few of my church frens at KFC ss2 so then i came home took a shower and did my mkt reading again and here i m writing this blogg... so yea this is it .. gtg sleep now.... lol ciao


p.s i recently had this song stuck in my freakin head all week, its called Buddy Holly by the weezers.. its such and old 80s song which is still an awesome song till today for me...

here is the link for the vid.. some of u might recognise the vid or the song it self... so enjoy!

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