Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exams! Panic (In my) Room! >.<" / got a new toy!

omfg!! exams again! 13 really really fast weeks! i m practically pullin my hairs rite now! (exaggeration) . i don't do hair pullin i think its stupid really... its not ur hair's fault! lol! XD ...
First paper this friday accounts! i actually havn't started revisin for accounts since i have done it b4... but i was really diggin my books n making post its every where on my notes and Biz Law text... Now thats the real hurdle!

anyways today is the same as the past week as well as monday n tues... buryin my head in books, and my dad constantly tellin me to "study like a dog" every nite when he checks on me after he ate his dinner... and my mum will constantly push me to hang the laundries and also to go to 1u to buy groceries for her >< geess all the distractions... and when they hear music comin from my ipod through my sterio they will tell me, "i thought u get distracted.." Music is fine with me, soothing music that is... but not the constant babling of talk to my ears and also the tv on with " Ugly betty", Desperate housewives" on tempting but i have to tell my self to refrain !!! LOL !

oh i got my self a new toy! i ditched my bad monkey like ages ago for a better stomp box that gives me better drive and smoothness that i want... so i got my self a Roland SD-1 Keeley modified cost me 400rm worth it tho... gave me the kind of sound that i want and also a versatile pedal as i can use it a a lead to boost my sound with the aid of my Mxr Doubleshot dist and the Ibanez Ts9 dx.. the ibanez is pretty similar with my new SD-1 but it lacks the attack that i want for solos.. so this new toy gives me the extra attack and fatness from my di mazzio pickups on my guitar.. worthwhile buy ....

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