Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hey all.

I am getting by each day always thinking about how I should move on from my past. my love, and turn over a new page. Every time I seem to try to turn a new page, it always seems to be putting my pen down and ripping away the page of life and starting a new page again. Always on the same place.

It has been tough yes. Life is always about challenges, learning something new and when '$***' hits the fan, you should always learn from your mistakes and it will either make you stronger or make you hit the ground hard.

My church has started a series of missions where missionaries are invited to speak to us and inspire us to do God's work.

Am I fulfilling my mission? I have just started the new year and I am working on my mission for the year. I hope that I am strong willed to find my missions accomplished by the end of the year.

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