Thursday, January 1, 2009

Its a New Day! Hello 2009!

Woah it's 2:45 in the morning, and we all have just stepped into the 1st of Jan 2009! Wow

Happy New Year to all of you, hope your new year will be filled with much joy and blessings to you and your family!

Wow. I just came home 30 mins ago... and GOSH WAS IT JAM! The roads from the Curve going to the LDP was madness! Good Luck going home guys! hehe... Good thing Bandar Utama is oh so convenient!

I was suppose to spend my count down with some college mates at MOS in Subang, but I thought about the jams that could occur and it really just turned me off on joining the gang. I wanted to start the new year properly.

So I went to the Watch Night service instead with my brother.

It was great listening in to people's testimony and how God has touched and impacted people's lives and has worked miracles to changes lives forever.

David and myself wanted to go up and gave a testimony, but we ran out of time. Oh wells.. God knows that I am thankful for what he has done for my life and my family.

Here were the pictures for the night!

Pastor Vincent sharing about the 2009 theme for the year!

Prayer for the new year ahead

Prayer for the future. Our future is in God's hands...

Prayer for the year 2009 for the Nations...

Thanks giving unto God for all the things that he has done for us.

Here is a video!

There are more picts here.

After the service I went around greeting friends and wishing them a Happy New Year, and came home cause John felt tired and decided to grab a quick bite at a mamak in TTDI, and headed home. It was great to spend some time with my brother,whilst others went out with friends, I think it is a great change to spend it with my brother, and my dad when i came home and chatted with for awhile.

2009 is a new chapter in my life. Looking back at 2008, it has been a long and tough road for me. Probably the year that I have been through the biggest road blocks, mountain, rough tarrain, traps in my life.. and I am greatful and thankful that God has been through it with me and kept me safe always in times of despair and sadness.

I am also thankful for the friends that I have and friends that I have got to know better this year. I am glad to have great company and people to look up to. It has definately been a learning year forme that is priceless to experience that would make me a better person.

Now the new year, I have a path to construct, an unforseen new experience that I will soon discover. Am feeling anxious but at the same time excited for what is to come.

Here I come 2009... here I come....


P.s This is my 200th post! I Thank ALL OF YOU readers for reading and allowing me to share abit of my life, my thoughts and my experiences with all of you and I feel blessed and honored and will continue to pen down my thoughts and my life in writing in 2009 and years to come. Thank you all

Have a great year ahead!

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