Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friday at Tenji again!

Woah! Yesterday I went with Tenji Buffet again! The first time I went was Christmas Eve which I also dotted down my epicurean's review at this post, Tenji Japanese buffet better than Jogoya!

The Entourage that came on friday were:
Sarah, Esther, Amanda, Alison, Liang, Me, John (my brother) & Grace

Btw... If you guys wanna go and makan at Tenji, you have to book at least 4 days in advance. Friday the place was packed! Full! They didn't even allow walk-in! 

Here is the link to Sarah's Part 1 post on Tenji! As she was the photographer for the afternoon and her turn to do an epicurean's review! 

Overall the food was great! But my first time was better, there were some dishes that were there when I first went on Christmas Eve but wasn't there yesterday! :( 

Overall everyone enjoyed it! Even Liang is planning to bring his mum to eat there! 

Btw.. Thks to my fellow epicurean SK, who helped me co-0rganize the lunch! 

The Epicureans!

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