Monday, January 5, 2009

Malaysian bus transportation system is really messed up!

So it's the first day back to semester 3 of college.. deng .. time passes by so fast during Christmas and New Years. 

I decided that since I have classes mostly in the afternoon, I decided to try out taking the bus to college. I have never taken the bus to college, but I have going home, since I'm not chasing time after finishing classes, just worried about how packed the bus can be.

So, I got my mum to drop me off at One U. Gosh!  I love One Utama when it is not packed! So I decided to walk around for awhile then I notice this... (see pict below) 

I didn't notice the Haagen Dazs so distinctively, but it suddenly made me stopped in my path with my jaws dropped and I started to reminis my time at Tenji Jap Buffet (The one I have been ranting on about ;p) yeating 5-6 scops of lushes Haagen Dazs ice-cream. Yummmmmm....

After that one minute pause. I went straight to the bus stop. 

I waited there for over 45 mins waiting for U82 BUS! I mean ... it is one of the most important buses that stops at major places in KL and through out PJ! And most importantly it stops at my college! 

I wasn't the only one who was so darn pissed of! There were a whole load of other people who were there, and 2 elderly Chinese women who are from CHina, asked me why it is taking so long, and they said that they have waited over an hour already. 

I was like.. yea... that's the Malaysian Bus transport system for you! 

That didn't piss me as much as seeing THREE U82 BUSES at the bus stop and the bus drivers went off for God knows doing what. Gees... 

it was coming to 2:40 p.m and I was like, "Screw the bus!" In my head of course.

I called my mum instead to drop me off. 

Darn buses...

But I am going to try the buses again 2mr ... and this time with pictures. 

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Anonymous said...

lucky still got bus.. at my uni, there is not even a bus travel through the road.. need to take taxi about rm 15 to get to the nearest city that is about 15 mins travel at 120km/h ~.~ ..