Sunday, January 4, 2009

3rd Semester... am I looking forward to it?

Wow I must say that my 3 weeks of holiday passed by fast. Christmas was fast and the New Year celebrations flew fast. And class starts tomorrow! 

I don't know if I should look forward to the new semester. I mean sure I am looking forward with the subjects. It's just that we are joining with the IAA69 bunch. The college decided to join up the IAA69 and my class, IAA70. So from our small and nice clas of 12, will be come 20+. I do not look forward to it cause the 69s are a totally different group of people. Not so cheerful, the dull, act cool bunch, the clubbing bunch, silent, and bored look
ing group and most of them smoke (not to say I have any quams of them, but it seems like those with the characteristics listed always seems to be smokers! ). 

I really don't care cause I have got 1 more year left before going to my internship and then to RMIT. So I just have to focus on my studies and my life outside of college. 

Of course you will probably say that I shouldn't look on the surface of the people at IAA69, I mean we have seen them before and we IAA70 do not fancy them as well. 

Here is my timetable for the semester.

Well.. this sem compared to the previous is that I only have one morning lecture, Sales Promotion. The downside is that this semester has 3 days that finishes at 6 p.m. It will be really jam for those who does not stay in PJ. Another downside is that Thursday I have worship practice so technically I have a shorter time in between to rest, dinner, take a shower and go through the songs again before the practice. 

I am glad that this college always have Friday off. :D 

Its a new semester and I am going to take it by it's 'horns'

Ok. I promiss my next post is my New Year's Resolutions. 

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