Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sem1 Results! Flaming Steamboat Buffet!

Btw.. here is the official results. I went to college yesterday before going for our Steamboat Buffet :P. My Results are highlighted in Blue above, as u can see. I have also written a previous post on my comments on the results here.

So refreshing Slurpee can be! After taking the pictures for the results, I was so freaking relieved and also relaxed after looking at my results again haha.. have to do better in 2nd sem. the C+ for Presentation Skills was really bad...

Anyways... yesterday nite we had dinner at Flaming Steamboat!

It's located at the back of Sunway College next to Sunway Pyramid.. What the Heck? Why do I need to tell you this? Click on the map above to zoom in!

Having steamboat was a last minute decision on monday by me and Chuen, we just wanted to like get some peole together gether, and have a nice meal together and catch up on lost times between DMC09 and IAA70. In the end, I was the only representative from IAA70 while for those who were present were, Amelia, Chuen, Rachelle and Chen, who brought 2 of his friends as well.

They are now having a promotion for RM19.90 per pax! and my the variety is really i can say 150! It was worth it! Original price is RM25 i think.. dunno, but any buffet with good quality food is always a bargain!

Here are the picts I took for the night. Not much as u can see cause I was too busy eating and enjoying the food! CHuen has more pictures here .

Overall it was a great day.. :) we played pool for awhile before we left for home..

Happy Holidays People!

Much Loves,

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