Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WooHoo! Results are out and Good day with Chuen! XD

Computer Graphics - A
Mass Communications - A
Communications English 103 - A
Research Methods/Creative Thinking - B+
Principles of Advertising - B+
Presentation Skills - C+

hmm... 3 As, 2 B+ and one C+ ... K all i have to say is... My RESULTS OK LA... CAN do better... Presentation Skills grades for everyone (DM09 and IAA70) was a narrow gap of C to B+ .. I was like.. man... everyone din do so good. Either we didn't follow our lecturer's guidance or she was strict. For my case i think the final presentation was the let down.

On the other hand. Celebration! Its aite for first semester, my goal now is to continue to do my very best for myself!

Ah... feeling satisfied I told Chuen about her grades and she was aite abt her scores I think?

I soon then discovered that since I had time to kill..and bored stiff during my holiday. I was bored. I called Chuen and haha I was surprised to find that she was itching to go out of home ... maybe.. lol ...

So I had a late lunch at Sushi Zenmai with Chuen (her second lunch), it was fantastico! Soft shelled crab maki was nice and so was the rest! I LOVE JAPANESE CUISINE!!!

Then we were walking around.. dropping into the occasional shops while catching up on lost times.. I.E 1st Semester! Its quite cool that since DMC 09 has seperated from us, most of us are still catching up with the occasional YamCha and so on. We wondered wondered through shoppe, (which was kinda wondering round aimlessly as Chuen put it) then decided to have Caramel Banana Waffles and Blueberry & vanilla ice-cream with pan cakes!

Wow. Satisfied results, satisfied parents, Satisfied Jap cuisine, satisfied company who teman me today at Pyramids, Chuen, Ur the pal!

Much Luvs,

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