Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sitting and pondering...

Ah... as u can see iI have added a few new Widgets! Its for advertisement purposes as I really support online shopping! Stuff can be so much cheaper as it does not cost more for the sales person.. i.e rents and taxes and stuff... yea... Obviously the only problem is u can't try the product.. u can only see it on the screen and are not sure of the cutting that will suit your body shapes!

I call for more Online guy's Fashion stuff! Man!! I tell u... i scrolled through like over 200+ online boutiques and only 3 of them contain Guy's clothing! If i were to start a guy's boutique... I think I can do well! Girls can purchase stuff for their Bf, such as perfumes, caps,clothes and all that jazz...

I have been sitting on my comfy couch @ home ... with my cup of Lemonade Cooler and thinking of how my life is right now.. Am i satisfied with myself? Am I comfortable in my situation in life? Can I do better?

I have been asking myself this questions as i surf blogs and stuff on the web.. checking Soccer stuff, latest movie reviews, facebook etc...

I am satisfied with myself, I am not ok in my situations in life right now, I can obviously do better in life right now.

I have been really busy as college sem has started again.. currently going on to the 4th week of my 2nd semester. Stuff are really clashing again. With events clashing with my ministry commitments.. its really hard to find free time .... again... busy with life... and to make time for my family, friends and ultimately for myself... I spoke to Jon, whom is someone I look up to and an older brother to me, as i ask for advice for just about anything .. haha... He gave me valuable insights on how i should prioritise my like and how I really should stand up for my principles and also God in everything that I do with my life... as I honor Him, I spend time with him and to be honest to Him and myself... He will make a way when I hit a snag, a road block and other things that are stoping me from being who I am... Thanks Jon... for your wise advise and bringing me back to reality before I explode..


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