Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy 47th Birthday Dad!

Monday, 8th September 2008 is my dad's 47th year living on this earth!

My mum, brother and I decided to cook some of my dad's favorite dishes. It is definitely a nice change and alternative than going to a lavish restaurant outside... my dad always tell us that he prefers if we use the RM150 to RM200 .. to be saved and do our own family feast! And we did exactly that!

I totally forgot about taking the pictures as my camera was MIA!!! Till my bro found me cam on my messy messy study table in my room! So... yea.. we had Grilled Rosemary chicken with Garden Salad garnished in Fetta cheese and bacon pieces... for starters...then came our second starter...

My mum's Sweet Potato Chicken Pie!!! (Though I prefer normal potatoes.).. the pie is stuffed with chicken, mixed veg, gravy, normal potatoes...yummy! Its one of my favorite dishes from my mum!

Then came my roasted veg, as you guys can see its 4 cobs of corn, potatoes, carrot sticks, green pepper marinated overnight in olive oil, rosemary herb, salt, black pepper and a dash of vineger.

Then came my dish! Roast Pork Loin with Rasberry Sherry sauce :) Simple to make and so delicious!

I marinated the pork loin over 2 days, marinated in olive oil, mustard, warchester sauce, garlic,onions, shelots, Red Wine Vinegar, black pepper, salt, rosemary... and 2 secret ingredients!

The pork is to be pan seared 2 mins per side, then placed in the oven over 220 celcius over 45 mins :)

Then for dessert, my brother baked a big dark chocolate moist cake! and fresh off the oven and my gosh it tasted so sinfully awesome!!! '

What a wonderful meal it was! What a wonderful father he is! What a blessed family I have...

Happy Birthday Dad...


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