Monday, October 20, 2008

One Day As A Lion!!!

NOO !!! I don't mean I want to be lion for a day! =.=" I am talking about the band! O! What a treat we have today!

The band " One Day As A Lion", is a duo combination of vocalist / keyboardist Zack de la Rocha (pict below on the right) and drummer Jon Theodore (on the left). Yes... You guess it right! It’s a terrific combination of former front man of RATM (Rage against the Machine) and The Mars Volta!

The premier of their song “Wild International” the first song on their new CD (pict below), was premiered on July 26 this year and was available on their MySpace, premiered in Australia and on US radio and later released on iTunes. Their5 song EP was sold extremely well selling 17ooo copies in the first week, which I feel it’s really good for a 5 track EP!

They are going on a tour soon I heard, but have to wait for de la Rocha’s Rage Against the Machine Reunion Tour.

Wondering how the name, “One Day As A Lion” came about? Well, it was derived from an infamous black and white graffiti photograph taken by George Rodriguez in 1970 where there is a caption saying “It’s better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb.” Hmm... Strange... LOL!

Am looking forward to listening to their tracks! Combination of RATM and Mars Volta!

Links here!

One Day As A Lion MySpace

One Day As A Lion Official Site

Can’t Wait!!

DannyBoy :D

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