Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm at Wondermilk... and i just got tagged!! Argh... iwas busy enjoying my Pesto Chicken Sandwich and a cup of espresso! putting that aside.... fine! i'll finish the questions!

1.Real name - Daniel New Ming Soon
2.Nickname - Danny, Dan, D, Danny Nanny=.=" ,Dannyboy (is the most recent) etc...
3.Married - No
4.Male or Female - M
5.Highschool - Bangkok Patana International School (Thailand)
6.College - Sunway University College, IACT Advertising College
7.Short or long hair - Short
8.Are you a health freak - Now i m getting more health conscious
9.Height - hmm cant remember when i last measured....
10.Do you have a crush on someone - yes.. a small one
11.Do you like yourself - ... DUH!!!!!
12.Piercings - No Way!
13.Righty or Lefty - Right


14. First surgery - None
15. First piercing(s) - Well... i stepped on a Nail before... that hurt like crap! Iwas playing football on a field and scabbed my knee on a broken glass....
16. First person you see in the morning - Myself ! or my mum when she wakes me up
17. First award - U17 Football, came first place with my team at SEASAC
18. First sport you joined - Swimming
19. First pet - Alaskan Huskies ... I miss u gurls!!!
20. First vacation - lol i cant remember!
21. First concert - Incubus Alive at Red Rock!


23. Eating - Pesto Chicken Sandwiches - they r just DEVINE!!!
24. Drinking - Iced water with a slice of lemon
25. I'm about to - take another bite of my sandwich!


26. Want kids - hmm idont mind having kids ONE DAY... but i m content with managing my own life rite now :D
27. Want to get married - Most likely, in the future..
28. Careers in mind - I wanna ba jazz guitarist and Saxaphonist, Advertising, Marketing, PR, Events & Managements based on what i'm currently persuing... Advertising/ Marketing Communications Diploma then a Mass Comm Degree in RMIT.


29. Lips or eyes -Eyes
30. Hugs or kisses - BOTH!
31. Shorter or taller - erm Average? XD
32. Romantic or spontaneous - Hmm i would like to say a bit of both!
33. Sensitive or loud - Sensitive + LOUD!
34. Trouble maker or hesitant - Trouble Maker


35. Kissed a stranger - YES i HAVE!! when i was in Sweden for a vacation in Stockholm... every1greatseach other with huggs and Kisses!!!!
36. Drank bubbles - hmm gassy drinks count?
37. Lost glasses/contacts - I have never lost any but i have broken a few pair of glasses and never lost contacts
38. Ran away from home - I love my home, my family!
39. Liked someone younger - yea
40. Liked someone older - yup, well cause i have been with people aged a year or 2 older than me in high school and college, so i guess tats a tendency to like someone in my year group who is older.
41. Broken someone's heart - well i have broken my mum's heart of things i did in the past that she didnt like.. but she has forgiven me and i regert.... I love u MUM!!!
42. Been arrested - Never!
43. Cried when someone died - yes... i did... i cried also when i know that someone is passing away... especially people who r close to me or has been part of my life...
44. Liked a friend - Well relationships starts off as friends rite???


45. Yourself - Yup
46. Miracles - Yes
47. Heaven - Yes, definitely
48. Santa clause - Some old Childrens tale... haha my Santa Clause is my parents, bro , friends... ALL who gives ME presents!!! :D
49. Angels - yes


50. Is there one person you want to be with right now - I would give any moment to get a chance to talk to my Gf, who is in a coma...
51. Do you believe in God - Yes, definitely
52. Tag 5 people - lazy la... am still eating my sandwiches...

Finally its over!!!! haha... now back to my sandwiches!

Signing out from Wondermilk!

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