Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Friday Nite Boardgame Fever! Happy Birthday I-Yin!!


i must apologize to me fellow readers that i haven't post anything since Friday! well basically i went back to Pahang, Temerloh to be exact for visit my relatives.. so i have been away since Saturday morn till Sunday nite.. I'll b writing a post on Temerloh soon, lol after i put this post in that is.! AKAN DATANG!!!

Anyways..... We went to Mage Cafe in DJ to play boardgames! if ur wondering why on earth cant we play at home? well... we dont play the traditional games such as Monopoly, Pictionery, Uno... its special games ;D .. by that i mean... ParkerBro's games are boring! there are new kids on the block with new games! but not sure their names la of course... Mage specializes in importing board games that are not available in malaysia and GOSH! they r fun!

We didnt know how to play most of the games.... so... we have an expert advisor!!!!

hehe... i was thinkin.... it must be hard to get a job there... lol u have to not just be a waiter and memorise the whole menu... but also to know how to play all the games available!!!! and there are like over 50+ games there!!!

(i cant be bothered to put all the picts of shelfs crammed full of games.... so there are a lot!!)

haha the games are so competitive.

here r some pictures of our competitiveness to the MAX!!!

hehe.. i can see that Mei Fong's Cell plays forfeits! Marwan i think hadto sing our National Anthem wahahaha!!!

Last but not least! It was I-Yin's Birthday!
I-Yin and her Cellies!

haha! it was a fun filled nite ! it was a combination of Denice's, Sue Ling's and my cell, around creating soo much noise and HAVOC! hehe .... everyone else was doing the same thing as well so thats cool!!!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a whole new world of boardgames out there. What you have played so far (in Mage Cafe) are loosely grouped together as Eurogames. There are many other different types of games out there, namely Wargames (ASL, Europe Engulfed etc.), 18xx games (18MEX, 1841v2 etc.), Ameritrash (Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game, Cosmic Encounter etc.) and etc.

Anyhow, happy boardgaming and welcome to our world.

Ps - We do meet sometimes at and around PJ area. If you are interested in joining us for a spot of gaming, PM me at www.boardgamegeek.com (uername : friedricetheman)