Sunday, February 1, 2009

My *09 CNY Experience... / TIme for Shopping!

Ahh well ... holidays come and go... this year the CNY celebrations seems to be fast and also seems to be dull-er than last years, and I thought that it was just my family and relatives but my friends also says that this year was not as fun and was dull as it was just like a normal holiday rather than a festive season.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Pahang from Sunday to Tuesday.

The home-made Yee Sang @ Temerloh, Pahang.

Lou Sang, Lou Sang!!

Yummy yummy Yee Sang! Our family enjoys our Yee Sang with Pomelo, lots of peanut and lots of garlic,onions & shalots!

My CNY celebrations in Temerloh, Pahang was pretty alright. Grandma was cooking up her famous curry and her other homemade specialties and our regular family steamboat and Lou Sang.

Whiles over in PJ, city celebrations seems to have turned down a notch. My grandma from my dad's side of the family normally cooks up a storm in her kitchen with Popiah, steamed fish, 100% made Yee Sang, and other nice nice food, but this year every one was doing pot luck. So... I dunno... But good thing the 'ang pows' are great! :D

Time for Shopping!

Oh remember the shopping list i made here. Well I finally got my flip flops!

I didn't take a picture cause my camera ran out of batt... I got it from Padini Authentics at 50% discount. only at RM 15!!!

I was tempted to buy 2 pairs ... but yea .. save money, save money.. I kept reminding myself!

So i saved RM35 on the flippys!

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