Monday, February 16, 2009

There are Male Flashers in One Utama!!

I was walking down ONE Utama about a month or so back.. and while I was coming out of Rock Corner, going down the escalator from the samsung booth and down towards Baskin Robbins, on the bridge, 3rd flr of One Utama, I was stunned to see this!

I was like... ( O.O !) .... what the freakin! I quickly rush over the other side, and it was.. this...

This time I was like =.="

Even this lady over here is like walking off in disgust!

Seriously... you don't get to see these kinds of ads in Malaysia as it is probably bordering the very thin line of the Censorship board of Malaysia. I mean it this is mild when you go to like Europe, Japan, and even the US!

Hmm.. It does catch people's attention.... I guess... and is Malaysia starting to open up (in terms of Advertising and Censorship) ?

It would be Great! Cause.. New creative ways can be used for advertising instead of designers and advertising agencies, scratching their heads and getting stuff rejected from the Censorship Board!

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