Saturday, December 9, 2006

Welcome to the Diary of Danny! XD

Status: 10:01a.m Saturday- 9th Dec 2006 - excited!!

Hey hey ALL!!!Welcome to the Diary of Danny NEw!

This is my first ever blog! XD i kno.. i kno... u guys might think its soo weird that i ONLY started a blog now at the age of 17... but in the past i couldnt be bothered to hav a bloody blog to write since i already have a diary in pen n book form! but since i just graduated from college Onterio HSC at Sunway Uni Coollege, I decided i should start the new chapter in my life with my personal online Blog! [*round of applause plz!*]

Anyway....lets let bygones-be-bygones n get real with whats happenin today!

Well... today started the day off waking late for grad! i was suppose to wake at 6:30a.m today to get ready fa breakfast with some of my fellow mates at coollege [ Joseph, Kang Wei, Wing Ho, Tommy, Wei Shiern, Tommy, Yin Fan and Colin]. i managed to take my mornin shower, put on my formal n usual presentation outfit, long sleeve durban shirt, and armani black pants, my CK one cologne, Out of Bed, contacts and finally my tie and croc black shoes. then left home with Wei Shiern who was generous n kind to let me hitch a ride to coollege!

After our muchin n yam cha-ing, we went to college our gowns... omg u should see the gowns, when we were waiting in a lecture theatre, the gowns made me n Kang Wei an image of Harry Potter lol as the gowns made us look like hogwarts students =.=" ... we wanted to go to the storekeeper's cupboard n look for broomsticks... but we decided it was too over the top wif our imagination haha.....

Grad wasnt as bad as i thought it was... we all lined up in alpha order n marched in with the sound of orchestra filled the mph. much better... later when every1 was seated after the national anthems of Canada n M;sia, we listened to testimonials n speeches given my the respective High commisssioner of Canada in M'sia, Dato' tan sri Jeffery Chiah's wife, and Miss Elizabeth Lee, as they gave us a shower of blessings for the roads ahead of us and congratulated US! the grads for managing to cross the bridge , i.e CIMP, from School life to Uni life. quite dramatic description but fine.... then we proceeded with performances with Amir and his fren playin an iranian tune and En on the Keys... Great musicians.. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!

well after all that, we all lined up n await collecting our scrolls from the few respected guest(mentioned earlier, Elizebeth lee etc....) and then when the ceremony was over, we hurried and rushed to help ourselves with the marvelouse n splended refreshments awaiting there innocently hopin no1 will touch them,...

Then after came the anticipated foto shooting.. i heard some1 shouted CAM WHORE TIME!! but i dont really give a S+++ of what that dude was sheyellin abt @.@ .... aaaannnnnyyyywwaaaaayyyys... after takin the snap shots {N PLZ DONT FORGET TO SEND ME THE PICTS GUYS!!!!}, my parents, uncle, my ama and my neice, left my fam went home n chilled out from the long morn grad and then i went for my sat service at my church GTYC{well saturday its the Young Adults (YA)] ...

Well thats all for today i guess... going to watch the Liverpool game now =]

p.s - I would lyke to giv a shout out to some of my college frens who where there to giv me the support i needed when i was down-and-out and when we were havin a blistering time foolin around lyke nobody's business!!!

+Vi Ling+

My dear sister in christ, ur the first person i met not just in our MDM class together but also at the start of CIMP and not jsut became my first n regular lunch buddy but became my best fren who i can share abt anything! I missed havin lunch wif u tho missed the fun times we had in our first sem and eventhough we have only been frens for comin to a year, but we have clicked together to be great pals that is normally made through years but only took us a year! [Guinness Record?]

well i wished we had same period of classes for 2nd sem but oh well.. at least we made calls to each other n kept in touch!You will always have a place in my heart of a great fren like you and it is an honour and a privilege to have a great fren lyke u and last but not least i thank God for sending u across my path of life!

My brother in Christ Joseph! I dont even rember how i got to meet this guy man! Wejust clicked man lol dunno how we got to be great pals! mayb common interest? Guitars? haha well... there r more than that but we mainly got to kno each other better through our routine mornin 9:35 a.m breakfast at Orange [ One to eat] hehe... playin zhor dai di EvryDay!!! lol nvr got tired of it huh?? haha lookin forward to our new creation of a band in MU!!

+Wei Shiern , Calvin and Yoonga.k.a SAm, Lou Dou XD and EGG-tart! +

These guys are great man! Met them in Econs and became one of my great pals in my life! WS, calvin n Yoong r great pals to talk to n can sure give u a hella good time especially when we joke around n laugh abt anything, whenever what ever and end up fallin n rollin on the ground laughing our headS oFF!! til our stomachs hurt lyke hell! Great time guys! C ya in MU~!!!!

+Loo Kang Wei+

Lol Kw is one of my close frens who i have met last sem in my MDM class.. cool guy. the stereo name we had for him was lala cause ...u kno how lala dress n look lor... xD... nah after gettin to klno him he is much more than a lala [ lol{]

he is a great guy with a fancy hyundai accent R x-5 which he pimps his ride out wheneva he has the cash to do so.. but in the end his father end up payin [ zha tou la kw.=.=" ] !!!

Thx for all the frenship we have n especially thx for all the fetching yea>? owe u man lol;...{he a great driver ... Dont DRIVE TOO FAST yea? even after clubbin ur ass off!]

+Yean May+

"DANNY!!! WHERE's MY BAG!!!!" shouted YM from 2 feet away from my ears....

LOL heard that all day every day ... hehe not so bad la ... BAG comin ok>> lol

How did i meet this girl with a great n sometimes funny sense of Fashion n probably Queen of Fashion Know-it-alls hehe.... lol i dont kno how i got to know u Yean may, but i got a feeling its from our daily extradition to ORANGE everyday with KW so i got to kno u a lil-bit more each day hee..=p great fren to have, always fussy lol but in a good way.. cant wait to go clubbin with u n the rest lol ..>!!! rember 2nd AUGUST 2007 CLUBBIN with open bottle MY TREAT!!!! woot! ON my 18 B'dae!! Remind me yea??/

For the other frens that i have goes on and on and on starting wif Nisita, En to Pek Jin, Vonesha n Terisa.. THx for all ur support as my frens and class mates and it is an honour n a priviledge to be a fren and a classmates and where ever u all go to further ur education i wish u all the best of luck n success in future n do KEEP IN TOUCH yea???

Status: 1114 p.m Saturday- 9th Dec 2006 - FOOTBALL TIME!


InkBlot said...

it's wei shiarn, danny, wei shiarn. not shiern!!!!!!!!

Peck Jin said...

It's Peck Jin.... hahaha... not pek jin :)

ni2s said...

hahaha, what is this danny XD luckily u got my name correct. . if not i'll come n find u n haunt u for that.

hehe, im realy glad to know u danny ^^ u've been a great friend. thx to u , d days in eng4u were'nt as dull XD
hehe, best of luck 4 ya too!! God bless!