Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Interesting outing!

Status: 10:45 p.m Tuesday - 12th Dec 2006 Tired!!!

Today was quite a fun day i guess? As a series of interesting events happened!

Firstly, my parents and i went to monesh to pass them my application form, then went to the admin office to return my student id and library card to get refund!! xp ...

My parents werent satisfied with just one application for a uni but to keep my options open n to apply to other uni-s as well..

We went to Taylors and Help to submit application forms as well... long journey....

Well, Lets get to the fun part!

Met up with Wei Shiarn n En for lunch at Dave's. The Bill came up to RM170.20. My share was RM54 [Spegetti Bologneise, Strawberry Cooler n half the Apple crumble...] not a bad meal but wished the Strawberry has a lil more punch in it and the apple crumble to be hot than at room temperature...but all in all its aite but wont pay so much for the cooler RM13 and the apple crumble RM15 tho i shared half with en! xp ....

After lunch we went to top shop lol... clothes there r soo.... how to say Metro sexual especially the guys clothes!!! OMFG!! the clothes are lyke ... looks lyke gurls clothing so thin n thight fitted... the first thought was that TOP MEN clothes line seems lyke the same type of clothes taht Han Ken would buy n what he wears to college all day everyday! {lolx really!! go look at the TOP MEn clothes lines lol}

After a short while we left n went to the next destination... FOREVER 21!! dude its so wrong for me n wei shiarn to go in cause its such a gurly shop .. lyke every thing gurls... no guy stuff... tthat sux man,.... for En it was ok, after all she was a gurl! lol me n wei shiarn decided to cabut n left to go MPH n go look at books hehe [ wei shiarn went to search the kama sutra on the search com but no stock hahaha...i guess people here buy them openly!!! hehe... naughty naughty... too bad for wei shiarn tho ... he really wanted to buy it !! ] . After En came back with a new poca-dotted top, she recommended me a book, which i found quite interesting my self so i decided to trust En!! { if i dont lyke it u pay for it lol...}

After that we wondred down the escalator to the ground floor n got ourselves a box of beard papa cream puffs, 3 vanillas n 2 green tea... as we ate it on a bench... it taste, as wei shiarn would say... "Devine!!!, Orgasmic..." ... lol [ should start a wei shiarn dictionery] soon after we finished wei shiarn had to go n so did I, it was funny to c En begging Wei Shiarn to send her home lyke no tomorrow lolx.. i left first so i didnt kno how En went home tho i suspect Wei Shian was trying to escape En lol...

Status: 11:33 p.m Tuesday - 12th Dec 2006 v.V. tired... sleepy..

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