Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry X'mas Evrybody!!! / Happy Hanukkah - for Jews XD

hey All!!! Merry X'mas to evry1 n hanukkah for the Jews!

WOw... havnt wrote a blog in ages .... how many again Wei Shiarn? //// well i have been v.v. busy lol last weeek went to Paris with a few frens as well as my fam. we had fun.. n the Roads are paved!!! i mean lyke u kno those red bricks? yea the whole of paris with those on the roads OMG the roads were so smooth. unlike back here were there are pot holes evry where! My dad said one day he was at Atria area the turning left straight afyter the Petronas... he saw a kancil being told out of the pot hole cause the wheels r too small that it cant get over the hole!! LOL LOL !!! lucky it didnt lyke flipped lol .....

any ways we had a fab time, we went to watch an Oprah Le Chevalier a la Rose, a romantic musical with a small orchestra, The Louvere Museum, notre Dame Cathedral( the archetecture was amazing man ), Eiffel Tower, The Fragonard perfume Museum, we learnt how the perfumes were made during the years from the birth to today. its lyke a comfy house, The Seine River, wow its lyke alluring man lyke those that you see in LOTR Movies lyke there is something magical about it! Then we went around shopping!!!LOL a lot of walking tho lol there are so much stuff there man!! but the thing is its too expensive [ rather buy them in kl]. I wanted to get Joseph a Lyon jersey[cause he wanted 1.. but it cost 345.99franc (convertion is around RM1 = 1.5 Francs] LOL soz joseph out of my budget .... but it was ok the trip .. since we have been to paris before... but i wanted to catch a game of french league football man!!! but as some of u might kno that only the EPL continues throughout DEC while therest are on hols haha....

Well thats about it for Paris!!!

Today as we all should kno its CHRISTMAS / HANUKKAH for Jews lol.... went to GT today celebrated singing carols n songs of praise n worship!! after there was a free christmas meal!!! WOW !! Roast Chick[ mayb to subsidise from turkey since its expensive here.. n to accomodate for 4000 poeple at church will be tough n costly!!!]... then we came back home took a break and then went out with relatives to celebrate christmas haha.... played Thai black jack...{ones that 9 is the biggest] n got around RM100 ... bet at RM 5 per hand.... not bad actually... lol Well thats all i guess

hehe this year christmas seems to be not as fun as i usually have before i came back from overseas... mayb cause i only made frens for a year n not that close as buddy buddy lyke my frens in bangkok... we knew each other for 6 years n got together for 4 years for events at frens houses, clubs all the time lol especially chrstmas.. usually at Adam's mansion man wow... hopefully the frens i keep at college we keep in good touch cause we r moving on n going on our own paths of life but there is still room to accomadate frens rite!?!!??

the frens here are great man. - Kang wei, Wei Shiarn, Joseph, calvin n Yoong {my big brothers..] Yean Mei, Vi Ling[ older sisters!] mayb cause i m a year younger than them so mayb theres where i miss out... so guys rember next year when i m 18!! we r going out n OPEN Bottle n its on ME aite!!!!!???? Remind me be4 i forget hehe....

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