Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Dog Catchers' Trespass resident's homes!

I just read this post by Daniel Franklin, a blogger who I subscribe to and read interesting posts. 

His post basically expresses his hate to the Shah Alam MBSA (Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam) on how they not just capture stray or lost dogs (Like Daniel Franklin, I think cats should be placed in this equation as well.. I HATE F***ing CATS!!!) on the roads, but also breaking in to resident's homes to capture PETS! 

C'mon I can't believe these people can't tell the difference between pets and strays that loiters around streets threatening people and pooping like nobody's business and carrying God knows what diseases! 

OK.. maybe they do know the difference , but as pointed out by Daniel, they are so so money driven, as money is the root of all evil! well, not all the time. :D

Gosh RM 45 per dog is great! Even I want to do that! BUT! They are driven to steal people's pets which are 'owned' and not 'LOST', that is just MORALLY wrong! 



Gallivanter said...

Don't think they know the term "MORAL". While we learned that subject in school, they were learning about religion. :-P

DannyBoy said...

hahA! that's true!