Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stop Spending!!!!

hmm with the rising prices of virtually everything, i have been spending crapping loads of money!!!

nowadays to enjoy a once in a while "nice meal" with "nice ambiance" it will cost u at least rm 30 !!

e.g today... i went to Delicious - Ms. Read...

I ordered, a Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken... - 19.90rm

My bro ordered a Spaghetti Carbonara ... - rm 19.90

We ordered sky juice with Lemon which was free!!!

then plus the service taxes... it was rm 6 per person..

so cause i shared with my bro we totaled at Rm 51.80

so each person is about rm 25. 90

yea so actually to enjoy a good meal with friends i think its better to share so that the cost is shared "EVENLY"...

yea... but there are cheaper alternatives like the mamak at maybank - Taman Sea... or Murni... or even Pandii (not sure of the spelling) its all definitely below rm 20 per person.

Today... was quite a long day la ... but thk God it was not boring.... early in the morn i was suppose to go for breakfast with my ex- college mates... but... we all over slept! how often does that happen... when my friend called me i was still in my bed... haha... yea... so before going church me n my family went to Restaurant OK! its usually a great place to have cheap n good quality food!

Rambo was not so enjoyable and not a movie i normally watch...( my dad's sort of movie..) yea.. it was such an intensive movie... i didn't mind the heads being blown off, legs flying off from a bomb... it was fine . but i just did not like some of the parts of the movie...its like those that u c the soldiers simply killing innocent villagers and raping the women... yea... i have no heart for those soldiers ... or any one who does such cruel things... but i did enjoy the movie where RamBo killed the soldiers heartlessly...

there was one part of the movie where they sneaked into the enemy camp to rescue the missionaries... i wished that Rambo or one of the good guys just put that Claymore - a type of powerful explosive device... (it looks like a mini nuclear bomb - mushroom shaped smoke funnel).. yea i wished they just planted the bomb there and kills all of the soldiers after the rescue mission was complete... but as u all know its a movie... so they wont do that unless its the end of the movie... as expected.. there is a huge war scene at the end like a typical Rambo movie.. where he kills everyone on his own...(soo fake....)

yea... haha ... i wanna watch the movie musically version of Sweeney Todd... i have the original play it's really good...i m sure the movie one with that sissy Johnny Depp should be pretty good... and he can SING!!!

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