Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bowling with the pros!!!

today i was suppose to help Danny out with his car, from the mechanic in old pj. but since karen was free it made sense that she should help him out.

so danny did not join me, Ben, Enoch and Andrew for lunch...

technically, i gate crashed the party! ^^ unintentionally la cause me and danny was suppose to eat with ben but since ben has plans so we decided to eat at 1u, till danny decided to "ditch" me LOL jk la... he wanted to settle the car so thats fine...

Ben n his gang was suppose to go to Pyramid A&W but... Ben was blur in the morning and he was on autopilot straight to 1U A&W =.-" lol!

yea ... so i met up with them at 1U ... had lunch with Ben first since both of us haven't eaten and we were waiting for the others to arrive from pyramid.

We went bowling straight after... quite fun la... but out of practice so i just messed around abit... Enoch was the most consistent we could see.. haha

after that we went daytona... so bad la they all ... play dirty... lol.. wait till we do the real thing !! ^^

nah jk la it dangerous to do it real life.>

now i m gonna update my ipod!

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