Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HILLSONG UNITED LIVE IN KL - 28 May 2008!!!!!!!!

ITS OFFICIAL! ITS OFFICIAL!!!!  HILLSONG UNITED IS COMING to KL!! to be precise...GLAD TIDINGS PJ ( my church ) on the 28th May 2008 !!!!!

They have also just started their own blog

Facebook Event - Here

Tickets are at RM50 each / per entry

Organized by Youth Alive Malaysia & Glad TIdings PJ 

Its just one month out, i suggest, u go buy your tickets NOW! Book as many as you can, cos i think, the Hall in Glad Tidings can only fit 3000 people standing up!

For more info call 012 387 9938 or my number 012-2179892 if u want to book and buy through me!!!  We’re gonna have one BLESSED nite with Hillsong United!! WOO HOOOO!!

See ya all there!

Daniel New

p.s i got the whole post from Daren's blog btw but added some of me own elements la (hope u dont mind Daren :D i too lazy to type me own one :D )   

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